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1994 Pathfinder Spare Mount - Switch Spare to Trunk

nrb927nrb927 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Hi folks,

I have a 94 Pathfinder, recently purchased with 310 000 km in SK, Canada. Good vehicle, a lot of life left.

I currently have a spare tire carrier and wanted to know if and how to get/find/purchase something to store the tire securely inside the vehicle in rear the storage area. In other words, I want to find a way to store the spare in so it's not hanging off the back. I'm just not keen about the carrier.

The 1994 manual lists two spare storage set-ups, with the spare stowed along the side wall inside and the swinging external tire carrier. By this, I infer there must be some kind of kit to convert, or least maybe a mounting point somewhere in the storage area...?

The key here is secure; has be mounted to something secured to the side wall or the floor. I don't want a floating spare tire laying flat in the back; my kids ride in it from time to time and a spare laying around isn't an option. Just don;t want it floating around while I'm driving.

I could ratchet it down with some straps but would prefer something I could bolt on and really lock the tire onto.

Any ideas? Dealership? I was gonna head to my mechanic and see what he said but thought I'd try the forum.


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