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What would you do? Bought a "new" RX-8 & found out dealer replaced engine

rjdjdrjdjd Member Posts: 3
Background: purchased a "new" 2005 RX-8 in 2006. Ran into engine problems (car was stalling on me while driving on several occasions) and after paying for several fixes that didn't work (throttle body cleans, spark plugs, etc.) Mazda finally replaced the engine in 2008 at around 35,000 miles. This past week, several years later after moving to another part of the country, my new local Mazda service tech advises me that my engine has been replaced twice, to which I am surprised and tell him that it was only replaced once. The service tech further advises me that the original Mazda dealer that had the car for sale replaced the engine at the dealership with 11 miles on the odometer. It was then sold/traded to another Mazda dealer from whom it was sold to me as "new."

After having to pay for several fixes that fixed nothing and breaking down in traffic several times, I requested that they purchase my car back. Both Mazda North America and the dealer from whom I purchases the car advised me that the '04 & '05 RX-8s with the engine problems were not having any further problems on their 2nd engines, gave me a new engine (after trying to make me accept a "new" remanufactured engine), and gave me an extended warranty after catching Mazda North America lying about no "new" non-reman engines existing or otherwise being available.

Unlike many of you on this forum, I do not do my own auto work, but I always took the advice of the manual and service techs with regards to warming up and not shutting down the engine cold, revving it, and keeping the oil at a good level. Still, I was afraid to drive my car a lot after the engine problems, am only at 62,000 miles now, as I predominantly drove my wife's car after getting married. I am now in need of a family car due to the arrival of our first child, and I took my car into the Mazda service dept to have them fix anything that might be wrong to maximize my resale or trade-in value (one dealership, when offering me a lower-than-expected trade-in value, said my car had a history of engine problems and this prompted me to go to the Mazda service dept).

My question then is what would you do if you were me? I have a pretty short window to find a more family friendly car and will be trading it in. But I want to know whether Mazda North America and either of the two Mazda dealerships (both of which are no longer operating, but both auto groups still own other brand dealerships) were in the wrong in: (1) selling me a car as "new" that already had major value repairs done and without that disclosure, and (2) persuading me that a 2nd engine would be placed in my car and that 2nd engines weren't having problems (when my car unbeknownst to me already had 2 engines that failed)? My nose is bent out of shape at this point, and part of me wants remedy for what in my mind is fraud, and if nothing else would like to get the story out.


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    des5des5 Member Posts: 88
    State laws may vary on this matter, but in general, a "new" car means one that has never been privately titled (what mileage also qualifies may be subjective). Back in the 70's, cars routinely came from the factory needing all kinds of work at the dealer before sale. This did not prevent them from being offered as new.
    I presume your title reflects a clean, one-owner vehicle. That is all that matters on the trade. You should try a couple of different places. The "2nd engine" story is only of use if you try to sell privately. Good luck.
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    ddend5ddend5 Member Posts: 2
    Long story, but will make it short - I purchased a new 2004 RX8 from a Mazda dealer in 2004 and meticuously maintained and serviced the vehicle through a dealer. The vehicle eventually developed issues with starting and stalling and eventually (reluctantly)Mazda authorized a new engine approximately 10 months ago. After only putting on another 5000 miles or so, the engine stalled while on a highway and Mazda authorized and replaced the engine again. Now I just got the vehicle back and am torn between keeping it and risking more engine issues or just selling it for what I can get. Any thoughts or information on this ongoing engine issue and how Mazda has been treating their owners would be appreciated.
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    tomb10tomb10 Member Posts: 4
    I also bought a 2004 rx8 in nov 2003--no problems yet except emission system leak so I can't answer your question,but let me ask you how many miles were on your 1st engine when it was replaced.

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    ddend5ddend5 Member Posts: 2
    I had approx 65,000 on the first engine, put about 5000 on the second and now have about 1000 on the third
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