Lexus ES300 120k Maintenance

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I have a 2002 ES300, 10 years old car. Sent to the dealer to do the 120k and 90k maintenance together. They quoted the 90k maintenance with timing belt change of 7.6 hours labor and total $1,077. 120k maintenance 5.6 hours labor and $888 in total. I want the regular 120k maintenance plus the timing belt change (they quoted 4 hours labor and total $523), and they recommend to change the water pump as well (1.5 hours labor and total $345). Total with 10% VIP discount, it's $1,500.

Then, more things happened. After they took the timing belt off, they found the the cam seals and crank seal leaking oil, and the bearing of the idler pulleys the timing belt rides are noisy. AND the drive belts are worn. Replacing all these is another $500.

Plus, my key case is breaking off, so for replace a case, it's another $105.

Total cost is $2,100. I tried to negotiate to $1,900.

Does it seem reasonable, or they just made it up to make more money (especailly the 2nd parts after they took the timing belt off)? What about the cost? How much should I negotiate to?

Any input is apprecaited!


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    Koala, I don't think this is unheard of. I'm a DIY guy that's had Toyotas as long as I've been driving.

    I have a 01 Highlander V6 - that is the same engine as your ES - the Toyota 1MZ-FE. I have a nephew that's a Lexus tech and I did the timing belt/pump with him. I'm actually planning on replacing my Highlander with an 02 or 03 ES300. It's a great car with a good engine (that I know how to work on).

    First, the timing belt runs the water pump and the belt will commonly fail before the pump. You don't want the have to pull everything back off when the pump fails after the belt change, so it's a good idea to do them at the same time.

    As for the pulleys, it's hit or miss. Mine were fine. They do provide a key part of the running the engine. I did have to replace the belt tensioner. We checked for leaks on the seals, and they all looked ok. My nephew warned me that those seals would probably be next.

    It didn't take me extra 1.5 hours to add the water pump to my stuff, so it depends on how trustworthy the tech was that did it. All said and done, 5.5 hours for a timing belt with pump is GOOD. My nephew says he's done many and they take him 6. It took me around 10 with my home tools.

    All said and done, with the pulley, water pump and seals, you shouldn't have to do anything on that side of the engine for a long while, so if you plan on keeping the car another 5 years, see if they'll talk down, but nothing sounds out of the ordinary for this specific Toyota engine. They charge a lot for labor and about a 40% upsell on the parts. I got my belt and pump for $120 - 40 for the belt and 80 for the pump. This might give you some ammo for getting the charge down.

    Good luck!
  • koala2koala2 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you very much! They charge $108/h for the labor. How mcuh does it normally cost? thx
  • houstongeekhoustongeek Member Posts: 4
    In my experience, norm is $120-140/hr, depending on the level of the tech.

    I had work done at my local Toyota dealer on a wheel bearing for around $100/hr.
  • jacob54jacob54 Member Posts: 2
    Looks like your car missed 90K service and timing belt. You may have alternative available. In Denver, Colorado we have a company named Toydoctor. They changing timing belts for $300.00 or so. You may want to check around in your area.
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