2013 Altime - Brake Failure

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New to the boards with a question:

Just had Nissan replace two front failed brake calipers (incl. pads/rotors) on brand new 2013 Altima - which mechanic said should not have happened on a brand new car.

Only notice b'c it was squealing and still is after replacement.

Anybody have any ideas or comments?


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    2013 nissian Altima brakes squeal at every stop from the time I put my foot on brake pedal until car stops LOL nissian said it is NORMAL I did not see it listed as one of the options on sticker price..... I did find one DEALER that said it is a manfacture defect Still I can get no response Will take it to cooperate office... I hate to lose money on the car...and trade it in BUT I get no where with the dealers IT just makes me sick ALL that money and they will do nothing how sad
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    I have the same issue as well. I've only had the car for 3 months and Nissan said my brakes were warped. They didn't fix them. They told me NISSAN was working on it and would replace them in Jan. It is now Feb. and they squealing persist. What have you done to solve the issue.? any Suggestions. Please and Thank you.
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    they fixed mine in jan I drove the car 10,000 miles before they were fixed.......They said they used some kind of kit that Nissan came up with..... they have not squealed since but...problem is am not sure what damage it did and how long the brakes will last............................I am looking to get rid off it.... when I stop and hold my foot on brakes seems like rear and jerks
  • squealer1squealer1 Member Posts: 3
    my understanding is new brakes will not work they have to use a kit
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