Saturn Vue ABS System Problems



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    Ok here's an update...on the above post. Installed a new wheel bearing and speed sensor. That's not it. I still have my ABS and traction control lights on. It's giving me C0460 and C0045 code. C0045 is a faulty left rear speed sensor. With a new one installed I'm guessing it must be something else. Maybe wiring?? Anybody have any suggestions? My wife is afraid to drive her beloved Saturn, it dropped to a low speed today and would not accelerate. Keeping me up at nights, I never a thought a vehicle could make me feel this bad. And to think I almost traded it in for another GM product ??!!
  • dc_saturnvue08dc_saturnvue08 Member Posts: 3
    Johnd60, I'm having the same problems but I'm very hesitant to spend money on this a problem that doesn't seem to have a solution. I've seen people report collapsed brake lines, bad calipers, and low brake fluid. I had the dinging and had brake fluid added to the car twice. Now I don't get the dinging anymore. I have the caliper issue along with the oil leaking from the crank shaft. I have confidence that the engine issue can be repaired (quoted $800) but the brake issue has me a bit nervous. When the calipers clamp down and force braking, I have to pull over, turn the car off, pump the brakes about 4 times to remove the pressure, and then start the car up again. The GM people they have on here to answer questions unfortunately isn't much help on this issue.
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    Doing a little research via Google on this Traction Control/ABS Light issue I'm having with my 08 Vue XR has led me here. Prior to my arrival here I found people complaining of similar issues but with the Brake Fluid Level light coming on when turning left. I continued reading the comments despite the fact that they were not exactly my own complaint. It turns out that there is a wiring issue in the lower "A" pillar region where either water is entering the connector due to the lack of sealant applied at the factory or a fault from pinching of the wiring harness by the body in that location (also a fault in production). I cannot say for certain yet if this is indeed the source of the problem but it very well could be if the harness carries the TC/ABS wires and the water or pinching is affecting a different wire in the same harness than the fluid level sensor wire as was reported on that forum. I'm off to the dealership in a minutes and will report back here when I have any new and relevant info.
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    I just starting to have the same problem with my 2008 saturn vue, I bought it used as a certified used car, just after the year mark I had to put a transmission in it. it only had 50k miles. right after I picked it up from the dealership, Three way Chevrolet in Bakersfield, my low tire sensor starting malfunctioning , they also rotated my tires when they did the transmission . and now the stinking left turn thing. geez has anyone found out the real solution to this problem?
  • dc_saturnvue08dc_saturnvue08 Member Posts: 3
    So a little while ago I posted that my brakes were dragging after about 10-15 minutes of driving. I took my 2008 Saturn Vue to the dealer to have the brakes checked on Saturday and they told me it was the brake switch ($300). That did not fix the problem. By the time I got about 2 blocks away, my brakes locked up again...really hard this time. I turned right around, took it back, and left it with them . For some reason or another the brake problem didn't show up until today after they drove it around all weekend. Today they told me that it's the brake booster that needs to be replaced ($850). Of course I'm not too confident about this being the remedy but we'll see. This better do the trick or I'm trading this thing for a nice import.
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    We have a 2007 Vue redline, bought new with 7 miles on it , sole owner, we love it not a single problem, 110k on it now still looks new, no garage and its black, well at about 90k we started with the brake issues, changed pads tires wheel hubs, ect.. all myself cant trust stealerships, i have been watching this thread as it has been getting violent shaking , added a little fluid and its like brand new again, even dash light went out thanks everyone,
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    Here is my oddity. I am adding it to this thread, but not sure it completely fits in. 2007 Saturn VUE Green Line (yeah, I was stupid).

    I have occasionally been driving and suddenly the traction control light will flash on, then off, followed instantly, sometimes appearing before the first one disappears, by the "BRAKE!" light, on then off, then a quick flash of the ABS light. No chimes, no breaking issues, new pads & roters. Generally once these lights go off, the Passlock Protection one comes on and stays on (until shut down). No start-up issues that I've read can be related to that... just a Gremlin there, I think.

    Last week at a stop light, right after the flashes, I was stopped at a light & it suddenly died. Put it in park, started right back up. No hesitation, no odd noises. Didn't do that again until today. This time when it cut out (it was in Auto Stop mode), it started itself up on it's own.

    Given the regenerative braking technology in these cars, and the 3 lights being in the same system, does anyone have a clue (before I embark down the road of one repair after another not correcting the problem), does anyone know if there is ANY way a breaking/regenerative system issue might be related to the engine cutouts on this type of system?
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    Update... took it in to my local Chevy dealership (the local "authorized" Saturn dealership. After being charged over $100 for the diagnostic, I was told it's most likely one of the 12 computer modules intermittently failing, but does so for only a split second at a time, so the codes won't narrow it down to the one that needs replacing. Good news is I was told each module costs only $300-$500. Bad news is that I was more or less told once I break down along the side of the road & have to be towed in, they will then be able to tell which one needs replacing. Can you believe a single woman, with no alternative means of getting to work, was told she has to break down unexpectedly along the road, possibly in iffy surroundings, before he car can be fixed. Didn't sit too well with me. On the bright side... I wasn't presented with an astronomical repair bill. I AM grateful for that. :)
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    I have a 2006 Vue AWD V6 with a twist on the abs problem throughout this forum. The abs pump kicks in between 5 - 0 mph when gently braking. Just before coming to a complete stop the pedal goes down to almost the floor. There are no abs or brake warning lights at anytime. There are no error code messages displayed either. My mechanic has run extensive scanner tests on the abs system to no avail. All 4 abs sensors check out ok. He is familiar with the sensor and brake hose problems on the vues, but due to the lack of any error code message he is at a loss. Has anyone experienced a similar problem ?
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,427
    Take a snapshot of the data stream during an event and instead of looking at the wheel speeds, look at the solenoid data and that will tell you which wheel the ABS thinks is locking up. That will lead you top the sensor or circuit (harness) that is failing.
  • fubarvuefubarvue Member Posts: 3
    thecardoc3 Tried your advice but ran into a problem with the scan tool which i did not mention originally. With the scan tool hooked into the abs diagnostics it disables the abs, the abs light comes on and the system is off. Test driving the vue in this mode , the pump activation cannot be duplicated, thus unable to check the datastream during an event.
  • fubarvuefubarvue Member Posts: 3
    Thecardoc3 along with all Saturn vue owners. While my problem may not be indicative of all abs vue troubles, double check all abs circuit connectors, while they may appear solid, oxidation and corrosion are evident. Open the connector and apply di-electric grease to the terminals. The problem of the abs pump kicking in at speeds of 5 - 0 mph has been eliminated.
  • louisgal1louisgal1 Member Posts: 1
    I am having same issues. I already had my rear stability changed out. But my  2009 saturn vue rpm is accelerating but my speedometer is slowing down. I just noticed that  my brakes lockedup. I can be driving and it starts to slow down and I can floor it but once I pull over ,its not going anywhere. I thought it was my transmission going out, since it was giving the symptoms of it. But I had a mechanic, look at it and told me my transmission is strong. It has plenty of brake fluid and feels like my powering steering is going out. I notice that when it rains, it  seems to cause my stabilizer, abs lights to come on. I usually can tell when its about to happen ( usually after 14 miles ). I don't like it when it starts act up ,especially when I have my kids in the vehicle.  Has anyone truly figured out the cause? I wouldon't rather just let it go, but I owe too much on it and can't afford to ruin my credit anymore than it already is. I tried to record what it is doing
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    I had the same issues you have all described with my 2008 Vue. Took it to a very reputable mechanic. After some time they figured out the ABS pressure modulator assembly had totally failed and needed to be replaced. Because of this, I also had to get an all new brake master cylinder.

    When they were working on these, they saw metal chips in the brake fluid. So that had to be drained out, flushed and replaced.

    Total cost in Las Vegas for all of this was $1,827.
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    Had to sign up specifically to reply to this post! Had same issue going on with my 2008 Saturn Vue. Took it to my regular mechanic who couldn't find anything wrong. Did receive a low brake fluid code but said level looked fine. Suggested I take it to a dealership but thankfully I found this thread first! Added brake fluid and problem was solve! Thank you for saving me potentially thousands of dollars on what is clearly a problem that a recall should be issued for, problem with that seems to be they don't really know what is causing it!
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    I have a 2003 Saturn Vue with the same brake lock up as discussed. The brake does not release on the left front and gets hot to the point of smoking. I took the wheel off and removed the caliper off from the brake pads. When trying to push the caliper pistons back using a "C" clamp, I found the pistons would not move. My first thought was the caliper was frozen, but I found when I loosened the brake line, the caliper pistons moved back easily. I have done at least 100 brake repairs and I have never seen a condition where you could not push the fluid back in the reservoir by depressing the caliper pistons. Something in the line or master cylinder is acting like a check valve and allowing flow to the caliper but is not allowing the fluid to return when you take your foot off from the pedal. I plan on figuring this out. I've been an engineer working with pneumatics and hydraulics for the last 40 years.
  • melissa2846melissa2846 Member Posts: 1
    This is the answer. It cost me lots of money and frustration to find it and I stumbled upon it by sheer luck and us just giving it a try just out of frustration. I ever called Saturn to complain after seeing that this problem is ALL OVER THE NET and they gave me the run around and refuse to recognize their Saturns have a faulty break system.. Seems they are more comfortable with their consumers sitting on the side of the road with their tires on freaking fire, then recognizing any responsibility.The line to the caliper corrodes at the clamp, and blocks the fluid from flowing backwards and releasing the break pressure. Mine actually got so hot it melted my A/C hoses and lug nut covers.
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    So is there a solution for these problems. I have the same issue as Izntexas. I have an 08 Saturn Vue Redline. What used to happen was the ABS light would come on and chime would ding when making turns. Now, the car is slowing down like in a low gear and then brakes real hard to push down. What's the issue?

    I know i'm replying to an old post, but for those that still have the Saturn Vue with this issue, make sure that your brake fluid is topped off. That resolved my brake/abs/traction control issue when making a left turn. i hope this helps.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,403

    So is there a solution for these problems. I have the same issue as Izntexas. I have an 08 Saturn Vue Redline. What used to happen was the ABS light would come on and chime would ding when making turns. Now, the car is slowing down like in a low gear and then brakes real hard to push down. What's the issue?

    I know i'm replying to an old post, but for those that still have the Saturn Vue with this issue, make sure that your brake fluid is topped off. That resolved my brake/abs/traction control issue when making a left turn. i hope this helps.
    Thanks for your reply! People searching for a solution quite often land on "old posts" and find useful information like you've posted.

    Welcome to the forums!
  • PlaneJane1PlaneJane1 B.C.Member Posts: 1
    November 3, 2016- Have a 2008 Saturn Vue XR model. A couple days of ago I noticed my air bag service warning light stayed illuminated. As I was away from home and travelling I thought I would get this checked out when I returned. 5 days later before I could book an appointment, I now have ABS warning light illuminated and the Traction Control and AWD temporarily disengaged flashes. I read on another site [url][/url], that depending on the code result it could caused by a wire harness going to ECBM chaffing on transmission mount or metal bracket. Reference is TSB (Technial Service Bulletin) #PIT-4756 and NHTSA #10028186. Or could be a requirement to inspect the CONNECTOR X408 OR LEFT/RIGHT REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR HARNESS). Reference is TSB #08-05-25-002.

    I will be taking the vehicle in hoping it is a sensor problem and that I am not forking out a ton of money like the last issue I had which was with the transmission wave plate and I lost 3 and 5th gears when the vehicle only had 99,000 kms. on it. Had it not been for great forums like this, I would not have known that GM issued a TSB on it...and you could bring your vehicle to a GM dealer and they would repair. Several people on the forum did not find this out till they paid out of pocket and were waiting for reimbursement from GM. The issue was in GM, Saturn and Buick vehicles, all using this faulty transmission in production. And was there a recall on pisses me off becuase when your tranny goes on the highway and you can't pull over...the liklihood of being rear-ended at high speed is very probable. I miss the good old days when vehicles were simply to work on and affordable to maintain and or repair. I guess this is the price we pay for having bells and whistles that ultimately stop working! Pissed off Saturn owner from Canada.

    I will report back on what the issue is once determined and hopefully resolved!
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    I am having the same problem with my 2008 Saturn Vue...when I turn the wheel the ABS, Brake and other lights come on. It is making a strange sound too if I have to put on brakes suddenly, almost like a transmission issue. HELP! Thank you.
  • Bub21285Bub21285 Nc Member Posts: 3
    I’m just wondering what would make you have no breaks , I bought master cylinder ,rubber hose #2  breaks ,  calibers , and a vac pump to bleed them very well and still no breaks anyone have a ideal abs going out or the booster  maybe 
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