2013 Infiniti G Convertible

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"This well-sorted Infiniti attacks curves with aggression and precision, yet it remains poised and compliant when driven over less-than-perfect pavement. The only real downside is the convertible's weight, as it saps some of the car's performance potential compared to the lighter G Coupe. For 2013, a sport-tuned IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) trim joins the Infiniti G Convertible lineup."
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  • larrys8larrys8 Member Posts: 36
    May sound like a strange question, but living in the northeast, I much prefer AWD over RWD. Has anyone ever heard if Infiniti will build a AWD G convertible? Id much prefer a hard top over a soft top. The Volve C-70 doesn't do much for me and I dont want the soft top of the A5 for year round driving.
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