2000 altima key fob an option?

birch2birch2 Member Posts: 7
I recently purchased a 2000 altima GXE. I would like to purchase a key fob on line (did not have one when I purchased it). From what I can tell this was an option on this car, not a standard feature. Are there additional parts that would have to be purchased besides just getting a key fob and programming it?


  • cybercoolcybercool Member Posts: 117
    Hi all, need help. Just started a few days but when I turn on AC on my 2000 Altima it stays cold for a while then decides to blows vent air with AC still on. What can it be? Recharge AC? One mechanic saw full AC charge.
  • joebyrams34joebyrams34 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a problem with my 2000 Nissan altima. There is a loud knocking noise coming from the front part of the engine. a guy at oreilly's did a diagnostic and said it was like a torque solenoid or something like that. however, we don't believe him and think its something else. the car still runs, its just that loud noise that's the problem. when its in drive, and when its been sitting for a while it shuts off by itself. changed the tensioner, got new spark plugs, changed the oil. Dont know if what that guy at oreilly's says is wrong is true.
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