How do I find a competent and honest mechanic??

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Help.......... would like suggestions on how to find a skilled and honest mechanic to work on my Toyota Sienna, near Long Beach, California. Prefer other than dealers, if possible. Any suggestions are appreciated. Know any web sites, car clubs, etc to gain referrals? Thanks for the advice. Enjoy this site and all the information that is food for thought.


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    Start by looking for a shop that has ASE certified techs.
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    Saw them do this on TV. They took a Ford Taurus (at the time the #1 selling car in the US), and loosened one of the plug wires, so that the plug wouldn't fire, but the wire wasn't hanging loose, and drove around to different service places to see what the problem was. Some made up total horsehockey and tried to get them to pay through the wazoo, some diagnosed the problem after expensive computer scans and lots of shop time, and one guy actually found the problem in five minutes using the squishy grey computer between his ears. Also read in reader's digest a few years back about a similar test done by disconnecting the MAP sensor (i think that's what they disconnected.) Anyway, it tripped a code without affecting short-term drivability.
    Good luck.
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    There is a great shop in Long Beach called Oberjuerge's. Not sure if my spelling is right.

    Been there for many years, family owned, friendly and honest.

    -----Born and raised in San Pedro..:)
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    Have just purchased a 95 Avalon. Have lived in Fresno a long time but have never really found a good mechanic. Anyone out there with a suggestion?
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