2006 Mustang GT question

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Hi im considering buying a 2006 GT with only 24k miles on it, never seen snow, barely driven. Lots of upgrades, x pipe, performance chip, under pully, tower brace, and its in mint condition. They want $15000 for it, private seller. Do these cars have a lot of repair issues since its off warranty? Im worried about some costly repair, even though i probably wont own the car for much more than a year before I get sick of it and get something else. I just dont want to have to pour a lot of money into it. Thanks!


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    The 4.6 GT engine is very reliable & durable. As long as the car wasn't abused, which it seems it hasn't I would go for it. Fun car to drive. That is a great price for the miles. Most in Ohio are going for 18-20K with low miles. I prefer a private owner vs. a dealer - you can tell if they take care of the car. If you want to learn more try StangNet.com, excellent site for Mustang owners. I have a 2003 GT with 35K - no issues ever. The 2006 handles much better than the previous model. Good luck!
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    I have a 2006 Mustang GT owned since new. It is a fun car to drive but be aware the build quality and the reliability of accessories is shoddy. Mine has 24K miles and has had these issues:

    Current drain from 6-CD changer that would fully discharge the battery in three days. Recommend throwing the factory stereo unit away and buying an after-market stereo.

    Water leaks into the cabin from the cowl retainers. Recommend ordering the newer version retainers that began being used in 2008 that install with a heat gun to seal the holes.

    Mangled window trim gaskets from shoddy assembly that allow water to leak into the cabin. Recommend purchasing new gaskets from Ford and spend a couple of hours properly installing them. See TSB08-27-07 for all the places that can cause cabin cowl leaks.

    You MUST remove the horrible Autolite spark plugs from the cylinder heads before the the car gets to about 20K miles and replace with one-piece Champion 7989 spark plugs installed with plenty of anti-sieze. The design of the head and plug allows carbon to "weld" the plug into the aluminum head and they cannot be removed.

    Air conditioner leak through the compressor shaft seal.

    The interior vinyl door trim will fall off the doors in about 3 years if you live in a warm climate. Recommend buying some 3M adhesive and carefully re-glue these pieces.

    On a positive note, the car is easy to work on. You can fix all the problems yourself with basic hand tools and some free time. The engine, transmission and driveline are robust and dependable.
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