How to ID a VTi Transmission

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I'm shopping for an older used VUE. I have a 2005 with the V-6 and five speed auto. I need to know how to identify a VTi. Did all the fours come with them through 2005? Last dealer I talked to said he couldn't find a transmission dipstick and this would tell me it was a VTi.

Is there a database on GM or anywhere fr cars that had transmissions swapped out that I can search by VIN?


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    Hello markafolse,

    One way to check to see if the transmission is VTi would be to look for "M75" or "M16" on the SPID label (possibly located on the driver's side door or in the glove box, although there are other potential locations).

    Another possible resource would be GM Media Archives:

    I hope this is helpful!
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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