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Fuel Guage intermittent...

wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
For more than a year now. Sometimes reads (seemingly) correctly otherwise shows empty. Opened the fuel guage wire at the front of the firewall. Open, the guage reads above full, guage input shorted to ground the guage reads empty.

Ignition key must be cycled off-on to get guage to read new input.

Tank actually half full.

Finally unbolted the bed today to get to the top of the tank, unplug the tank connector = full, connected = empty.

Float element was partially filled with gas.

Heated (slowly/carefully) the float element and flame shot from really tiny hole. Burned all the gas out of the float element, soldered the pinhole shut, re-installed.

Covered the wire "clamp" holding the float element with shrink-fit tubing to avoid a repeat.

Works fine.


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