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Premium vs. Regular?

dgaldgal Member Posts: 25
I just got a '97 Lexus ES 300 that requires premium unleaded fuel (91)- according to Lexus. The gas cover only says unleaded fuel only. Can I get away with using regular only? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!!


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    wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    By 2001, with fair certainty, the majority of manufacturers of "high compression" engines had revised the EFI engine control firmware to use a slight A/F mixture enrichment to alleviate the requirement for premium fueling, including my '01 Porsche C4.

    Accordingly most owners manuals now ony say "premium fuel RECOMMENDED" for maximum engine performance. Latter meaning higher HP/torque, FE will be so close to equal as to be insignificant.
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