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2013 CR-V Power Seat and privacy window

misty13misty13 Member Posts: 8
edited December 2013 in Honda
I am interested in buying a new Honda CR V.. I want the AWD with power driver's seat. Must I buy the EX L in order to get this? Can it be added in separately to a lower level car? I don't really need all the other bells and whistles that go along with it. I do not want the tinted rear window, as I find it harder to see out of. Must I get this?


  • snukesnuke Member Posts: 81
    The best way to answer all of your questions and concerns is to go the Honda website and click on the CR-V model you are interested in. The website lists which features are standard for each model. There is also a link titled, Build Your Own Honda. That link allows you to add and/or remove the features you want and/or do not want. It then gives you the final price you can expect to pay for the vehicle. However, I am not sure but I do think the tinted rear window is standard on all models.
  • misty13misty13 Member Posts: 8
    Thank you snuke for responding. I actually started at the Honda website and concluded that you have to get an Ex L in order to have the power seat. However, I wondered if this could be added in by the dealer on a less pricey model. Anyone know? Wanted to research before I make my first trip in to a dealer..
  • madathondamadathonda Member Posts: 8
    I'd say probably not. You know how they just love your money! But you could ask a dealer.
  • madathondamadathonda Member Posts: 8
    The heater is not working suddenly on my 2007 Honda CRV! I was thinking it may be the valve under the hood that diverts hot and cold from the radiator hoses into the firewall so the heat will work. The fan motor works, the a/c works but not the heater.

    Sheesh. Only 30,000 miles too. What a disappointment. Not paying the dealer big money for it either.

    Any one know how to fix it? I thought you could maybe even manually jury-rig it so heat gets into the car when I turn it on the heat mode.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Instead of guessing, have a shop that knows what they are doing take a look at it. It could be a vacuum hose has come off.

    All cars will have an ocessional problem even Hondas!
  • madathondamadathonda Member Posts: 8
    Not going to start being ripped off and nickeled and dimed by people who know less than I do about fixing cars. It only has 30,000 miles on it. NOTHING should be wrong w/it. The liars at the dealership said nothing about the failures these cars have when I handed them the CASH for the car!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Answeringyou late....sorry!

    ALL cars will act up from time to time and going through life mad isn't healthy!

    Get over it and take your car in. They DO know more than you do about fixing theis problem. a LOT more!
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