The last year for the TSX?

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I read that Acura is discontinuing their TSX line. Since I'm looking for a wagon, the ILX won't do. If what I read is true, what happens to the value of a car in its last production year?

Also, I just sold my 2006 Acura TL (because I need a wagon.) It was a great car. 87,000 on it never needed brakes. Basically care free. In general have people been satisfied with their TSX cars, especially the sports wagon?


  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Member Posts: 811
    Personally I think the 2013 is the last of the 2nd generation tsx and the 2014 is the start of the 3rd generation tsx. I own a 06 tsx, bought new 6 years ago. It still has the original brakes with almost 148k miles. Excellent car. Love it.
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    The wagon has sold fairly well and it is unlikely its value will diminish much even when the TSX is discontinued in the US. You might get some discounts on the last few units that some dealer wants to unload but probably not much more than you could get on any end of model run. The only thing might change is that Honda might provide some cash incentive.
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    Just picked up a new 2012 at Findlay Acura in Las Vegas. The salesman, Ty Shigemoto, gave me an excellent deal. The best part is that he arrived at the airport to pick me up in at Black on Black TSX Sport Wagon. He can drive anything on the lot, but he purchased the Wagon.

    I had a 400 mile love affair with my new car driving the scenic Virgin River Gorge with XM radio blaring toting kids about yesterday.

    TSX Sport Wagon, looks great and handles better than my GS 300. My wife gave a cold shoulder to it on a test drive in April. She rode as passenger. When I arose this morning both the sport wagon and the GS gone. The early birds get the sleds.

    My 4 cylinder Highlander, that car is under powered. The TSX sport wagon rocks as a 4 cylinder. Producing almost as many horses as my early 90's SHO's, the TSX seems just right. So did the 27 miles per gallon in the first hundred miles.

    My SHO's had a special uniqueness, people always asked about them. I can already tell this TSX sports wagon has all the same ingredients. Sporty looks, high revving rice grinder, cockpit like interior. It was made in Sayama Factory, Ford could only dream of such quality. Superior cars have come from this plant. Google the town and you will see the factory is the pride of the community.

    If you like cars and hate mini vans this is the rig you have been looking for, go get one!
    It is going away. I bet it will hold value well because few will want to part with them. The word is out and soon they will be out of TSX Sport Wagons forever.
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