2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee

carwastotaledcarwastotaled Member Posts: 2
I am thinking of getting a 2013 Grand Cherokee X package. Does anyone have one, or have any thoughts on that vehicle?


  • carwastotaledcarwastotaled Member Posts: 2
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    ??? no one has any thoughts on a 2013 Jeep?? or 2012?? Am I posting in the wrong place?
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Member Posts: 55
    Buy a Hyundai Santa Fe. NBetter mileage, better warrnty. better car
  • iwant12iwant12 Member Posts: 269
    Not a whole lot of action on the JGC forum. I have an '11 JGC with the base 4X4 and I love it. No problems with 22K on the clock. Get's 21 mpg with the V6. I would imagine the '13 with the new transmission is even better. When they offer a diesel, I'll trade mine in. Personally, I don't like FWD vehicles. There's not a lot of RWD options on the market, one reason I went with the Jeep. Plus, it drives better than the 07 4Runner I had. Go check out the Jeep, I bet you'll like it.
  • qthqth Member Posts: 25
    I have 11 JGC RWD with 28K without any problems. It gets 21 MPG with 50/50 (city/hwy). Best wishes to your new Jeep.
  • gbeesjeepgbeesjeep Member Posts: 21
    I have had my drive shaft, front bearings and most of the rear suspension changed on mine at 30000 KM. What does that say about the quality of Jeep? And my Jeep has not seen any back country and any kind of 4x4 torture, just regular city/highway driving. And at 60000 km I still have the drive train shaking when it shifts from 1-2 gears (I will be bringin it after after the snow is gone to get it fixed AGAIN). The sad part is is that it is not the new engine or all the new electronics that is acting up, it is the the tried and tested drive train and suspension that is falling apart. Its too bad one of the other companies that have more reliability could put out the JGC because it is a beautiful vehicle with everything you could want at a great price but if it is going to fall apart, whats the use.
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    Have had two great Jeeps, which handle our long steep driveway. Afraid to purchase another make of vehicle which may not provide the driveway confidence the Jeep does.

    Our current Jeep is a Limited, with a V8. Do not want the Hemi so will settle for the new 6 cylinder. Want leather, sun roof and a tow package but do not think we need all the extra the Limited provides. Does the X Package provide enough comfort and luxury at a lower costs?

    Thanks for your thoughts on the X Package.
  • ag58gjcag58gjc Member Posts: 2
    Just got a brand new Laredo 2013 and from day one I have no heat. It comes and goes when it feels like it. Taken it to the dealer to hopefully fix the problem.
    Has anyone had any similar experience. This is my first jeep. In hindsight I should've bought a Mazda CX9 like it was my first intention.
    I figure I do the right thing and buy American and I get problems from day one.
    Serves me right for supporting the pot heads and drunks who build these vehicles.

    Thanks, Chrysler.

  • ag58gjcag58gjc Member Posts: 2
    If you haven't bought it already. Don't bother. Buy something that's made in Japan. They take pride in building their cars. Until Americans take pride in building their cars the 2013 JGC I just got is going to be my last one. Read my recent post on my probs.
  • tdbmdtdbmd Member Posts: 20
    I have been also looking at GC, either the new 2014 with the 8 speed tranny or a 2011 -'13 version. Lots of comments in the auto mags regarding the "old" 5 speed tranny but after driving both the new '14 and several used GC, I don't see a huge issue with the old 5 speed. I took a extended test drive with a 2011 and the V6 and over 60 miles of mixed driving, about 70%/30% city, the GC averaged 24.6 mpg via the on board computer. The '14 with the new tranny are a bit smoother, but not a huge difference. I didn't drive it long enough to get a mpg feel for the '14.
  • skittelskittel Member Posts: 3
    Anyone have a 2012? an if so, Are they ok with the V6?
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