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Ford Focus Electric

ods2010ods2010 Member Posts: 12
1) What is main difference between Ford Focus electric 2012 Vs 2013 models ?
2) What is PM cost and down payments you had to do to lease 15,000 miles PA, 36 months lease.
3) if you lease for 36 months will you get CA and federal tax rebates, I am guessing this will go to the auto dealer ? can you correct me if wrong ..

4) Will they give free installion 240 V charger @ home

5) What is real world MPGe ? worried about bumper-to-bumper traffic. It sometimes takes 90 mins to travel 26 miles in these part of country.
so for daily commute, need to atleast be charged to run 4 hrs of travel each day before next charge.


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    greenrogergreenroger Member Posts: 18
    1. Not much: Auto-dimming Rear view mirror not available on the 2013.
    HD radio, Knee protection airbags, metallic monotone paid are available
    on the 2013.

    2. I do not know but I used the Estimate your Payment link on Ford's Focus
    Electric web site. It has all the options for finance or lease, months and
    mileage right there.
    See: www.ford.com/cars/focus/trim/electric/

    3. I talked to my tax accountant for this: If you lease a vehicle it does not
    qualify for the federal or state tax rebates. Ford gets the rebates (but
    they could give it back to the dealer).

    4. I have heard of some companies doing free installs of the chargers (they
    are more of a switch the real charger is in the car) but I picked up a new
    GE Watt Station for $800 at Homedepot and spent about $200 to have it

    5. If you are using the AC or the heater it will shorten your range but just
    sitting in traffic (with AC / Heat off) should have very little drain.

    You can also pre-heat or pre-cool before you unplug to get better range.
    Also look at public chargers near where you park.
    I have 120 outlets where I park and can trickle charge during the day.

    I have test driven a few and finally ordered an Ice Storm (light blue) Focus this week.
    About 6 weeks until it arrives!
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    carchatter1carchatter1 Member Posts: 6
    Congrats on the new Focus. Was the dealer willing to negotiate much on price or were they pretty tough on that? I wonder if there's as much or more wiggle room than on an ICE Focus. Also, do you know if the federal rebate has any restrictions depending on income, or is it available to any buyer? Thanks and again, congrats! That is going to be a nice ride.
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    greenrogergreenroger Member Posts: 18
    I took the deal I got from the Ford Focus Electric web site on a 39 month lease with over $10,000 in lease incentives that made the payments work for me.
    No restrictions that I know of on income, it should be availble to everyone.

    If you purchase one you do not get the incentives but you do get the tax rebate, so it is up to you (and your accountant).

    I decided to try the lease for at least a year and build up equity in the vehicle then see what the 2014's are like. If they are bigger / better I may turn in the lease for a purchase on a new one or if I dont like the electric I would look at a Ford Fusion Energi Hybrid.
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    greenrogergreenroger Member Posts: 18
    Having driven my wife's Ford C-Max Energi for a few weeks before my Ford Focus Electric got here kind of spoiled me.
    The C-Max has more technology tools than the Focus Electric.
    Maybe the cost of the larger battery had to be made up for somewhere.

    My biggest issues:
    1. Lack of an ECO cruise (standard on the C-Max), the C-Max has the best cruise control I have ever used by far. It would let the C-Max slow about 3 to 4 miles per hour going up hills and it will let it regen going down hills.
    2. No Universal Garage Door Opener (standard on the C-Max).
    3. No Hill braking button, the C-Max has a small button on the driver’s side of the shift lever that slows the vehicle on hills. I engage it when I am forced to a sudden stop or on a long downhill (it generates more braking and more regen back to the battery).
    4. I do not see any way to save a route, from Mapquest I can use the “Send to Car” option but it only sends Start or Finish points, I must set my way-points every time I start my route.
    The navigation does do a good job of recovering when I choose to to go my own route.
    5. Personally I would prefer the ECO Screen to display leaves instead of butterflies or even little gas pumps with a red / through it would be nice. I know the “Butterfly Effect” I get it…
    It works differently than the C-Max, the Focus gives butterflies by calculating the extra battery left after a setting a navigation trip and then gives you more or less butterflies on the trip by the way you drive.

    I am not saying I do not love the Ford Focus Electric because I do!
    Plus's for the FFE:
    1. Rearview backup camera is standard (you need to get an option package on the C-Max).
    2. The Navigation can be set while the vehicle is moving (the C-Max it is disabled, I can see why, but the passenger should be able to set the navigation when the car is moving).
    3. Great Ride: It is very similar to the C-Max (when it is in full electric mode) but the FFE has more power, the handling is better and the suspension just a little tighter and exactly what you would expect. It has very much of a sports car feel.
    4. Great Battery range. The advertized "76 miles on a charge" is great but I usually get around 90 on one charge. My battery has shown as little as 72 mi on a full charge to a high of 94 mi even though the night’s low was 31 here.

    Having gotten used to the Navigation system in the C-Max that made it an easy switch to the FFE in fact other than the audio controls being moved down on the dash and towards the front seats the interior is very similar to the C-Max.

    I have noticed that the Navigation "Fastest route" and the "ECO route" are usually about the same, but if I use the shortest route it takes me longer (two lane and stop lights) but I can do my daily commute on one charge. Even though my breaking score suffers with all the stop lights.
    The Fastest and ECO routes for me are about 43 mi (a little over 80 mi each way and right at the edge of the Focus’s range) but the shortest route is 33 mi and can be done easily on one charge. (Your Results will vary)

    Lots of pep with a zero to 60 about 10 sec and will get up to over 80 very easily but has a whine at 80 that sounds like you should back off a bit.
    I did worry about "range anxiety" but after weeks of great commutes it is just not a problem.
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    swertswert Member Posts: 3
    I got my Ford Focus Electric on the 4th of July and love it! I'm leasing it. 36 months and 10,500k miles a year. I got amazing deal on it.
    MSRP was $41,500 so after the incredible incentives of over $12k from the Federal government and Ford I got it for around $25k and my payment is $184 a month with no sales tax in WA State. Its so much fun leaning about all the fun thing this amazing car does. I looked at the leaf and volt but after driving the Focus EV I know it was the car for me :-)
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    iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,709
    do you have a good re-charging network to re-charge your 2013 Ford Focus electric at there in Washington state? I was born in Seattle. That's my old stomping grounds - Seattle to Bellingham. :)

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    kevin168kevin168 Member Posts: 1
    Could post detail of your deal? It seems too good. It looks the deal is about $4000 more on down in CA or $113 more per month.
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    lmuellerlmueller Member Posts: 29
    Can you please tell me the current MF and residual for a 24m/15k lease on a Focus Electric? Zip is 30004. We got a terrific quote of $264/month with $0 down on a Nissan Leaf S w/quick charge package, but the first Ford dealer we went to was quoting over $500/month for the same thing on a Focus. Seems a bit out of line.

    Thanks for your help!
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    greenrogergreenroger Member Posts: 18
    Not really the "same thing" as a Leaf.
    Biggest difference over the Leaf is the water cooled/heated battery (should make it last longer) and a better ride / interior in the FFE.

    Right now Ford is offering incentives of $9250.00 in customer cash.
    That brings the Capitalized Cost down to $26,745 so the payment on a 36 m lease is about $300.

    The Leaf does have the quick charge port but there are not any charging stations (or very few) here in Georgia.

    We got ours at Wade Ford in Smynra, take a test drive and see for yourself.
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