2013 Hyundai Elantra MPG problem

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About the Elantra Car:
- I bought Hyundai Elantra 2013 in June (I didnt have great sales person to work with, I think my problem started there itself)

- From the beginning I didn't get great millage & had break issue. I was getting 25-26 in combined. After they fix the break issue, I have been getting 23-24. I am very much frustrated.

About Dealership service/sales peoples:

- Sales person i had got was a crape guy. I was about to walked out, the only reason i bought the car was, they had traded my old(Corolla) in a decent amount, that is where i made a mistake. I regret now!!

- First time i went to the service within 30 days of purchase with the SMOOTHNESS OF THE CAR, BREAK, Key Less lock issues. Service person wasn't friendly and immediately he declined my issues. Somewhat i forced him to look at the car, after one hour they said no issues with the car.

- Second time when i went for OIL change, I told about my millage issue, smoothness. This time they fixed my BREAK issue (reported earlier). After this service my millage reduced into 23-24 MPG combined.

- Next time I showed them the proof of millage which I collected all document about the millage (taking a picture of odometer, gas receipt). I again complained about SMOOTHNESS, KEYLESS LOCK issues with the millage issue. They agreed to do the millage test (which i need fill the gas out of my pocket). They took 1 FULL day & called me saying, "we did all check up and ROAD test, your vehicle is working as designed". Note that this time they fixed my KEY LESS LOCK issue. I was very disappointed/frustrated. When i tried to take out of the service, i noticed there were not ROAD test been done in the car. When i asked about this, now they are saying, "We don't need to do the road test".

*** As i said I am really frustrated.. How about other 2013 Elantra Owners? Do you have any of my issues? Please share it with me.. It will be helpful to move forward what i can do. I appreciate in advance


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    I feel the pain... it's the same problem with the 2012. I have never gotten more than 23 or 24 combined. I was also driving a Corolla (2009), the only reason I bought this car was for the gas mileage. Here I am a year and 11,000 miles later still hoping my mileage will get better. This has been the biggest mistake I've made as far as cars go...I heard Hyundai has changed their estimates and are reimbursing owners for mileage differences, but not by any meaningful amounts. Go check out the 2012 real mpg thread.
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    After every fill-up, reset your MPH calculation and post your avg MPH as reported by your car's computer.

    The EPA tests do not account for severe stop-n-go conditions. I'll bet you're driving a lot more city/stop-n-go than you realize. The more city/stop-n-go you drive, the worse your overall MPG.
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    I am in the same situation. Very frustrated with these guys. I use to drive a VW but went a different route with this car. They say you get 58 MPG. Ya right. wish I never walked into the door. I said from day one that my mileage was off. They kept giving me excuses. Now that it is out that they have admitted the mileage mistake. I looked around and found that in Canada ( London Ontario ) their is a lawsuit going on with the situation. Could take up to three years but would be worth it. I think it was Toyota that payed out millions back to customers for a lawsuit on them. My understanding their is no lawsuit in the states yet. You should look into it. I'm assuming you are from the states sorry if you are not.

    I drive all highway at 100 km/h and only get anywhere from 490km - 550km a tank. Which really is pathetic.
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    I have the same issue too. I just bought the 2013 Elantra Limited 2 weeks ago (2/23/2013). I use that mainly to commute between Vancouver WA and Portland OR. I am only getting 26 mpgs, which I was expecting to be around 30+.

    Should I call the number on Hyundai's website and complain about it, or?

    I just don't know what I can do when an auto company lies their valued customers.
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    Calling Hyndai's customer support sucks!! they won't help you. They will create a case and give you the case #. That is all....

    Since you bought recently, go back to your dealer and complain. You have some right till 30 days. Good luck to you

    By the by I am in the process of getting legal advice and i probably go to court. I am collecting all sort of information/evidence about the millage. I may or may not win.. But I am really going to the court for sure... not to get 1m out of it.
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    OMG I think I just made a big MISTAKE. I bought a 2013 Elantra GLS two weeks ago and I am not getting aware need the posted milage. I bought this car because I wanted to save some money on fuel, well that is not going to happen. I am so madd I need to know what to do about this. If there is a class action lawsuit in Canada I want to signon. I will be talking to the dealer I bought the car from tomorrow but I don't expect they will take their car back. I can't believe the posted fuel economy Hyundai is claiming on these vehicles, it is nothing remotely close to what you actually get. This is criminal and Hyundai should be made to pay up!! Shame Shame Shame on you Hyundai!!!
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    I too am very disappointed. I have 3900 miles on my 2013 Elantra GT and if I go thru a whole tank local driving only I get about 18mpg. If I drive some highway I might get 22. If I drive all highway I get about 30. I drive normally, without hard acceleration or hard breaking. Dealer seems uninterested. Not sure what my next step will be. I'm only in a 2 year lease so at least I don't own this terrible car.
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    I encourage people with poor Elantra mpg to first, pump your tires to over 35psi. Second, go to pure-gas.org which lists 7500 sources for 100% gasoline(ethanol-free). There are many restrictions, the greatest is that ethanol-free gasoline is NOT available in many large cities. Carefully look for unadvertised gas at airports which may be behind buildings & at marinas on small fuel docks, where you may have to carry 5 gallon gas containers. Third, very very carefully feather-foot your gas pedal from a stop. If you see the front of your car rise up on its shocks, that is too much acceleration. The first motion must be forward, not upward.
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    Well, I agree with all of you on the mpg problem! Maybe a lawsuit is the way. I have a 2013 Elantra at 1900 miles and only getting about 22 mpg with all stop and go big city traffic. The dealers told me to wait until the car is broken in or about 10,000 miles. That is totally unacceptable.
    I am also on the other Elantra forum on the internet.

    Are you people still getting such low mpg now?
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    I am the one who originally created this conversation. I totally understand your disappointment.

    Let me explain what i did and results:

    After going several time to my dealer I get fed up with them, i went and took Attorney advise spending $1000, send a letter to the dealer. After they see my Attorney's letter, then Hyundai Regional Manager called me & i explained the issue. He suggested to go to different dealer to check the MPG and look if there are any issues in my car. They found that there were some break pad (my car dealer changed break pad 2 months later after i bought the car, that is when i started getting POOR MPG) issue, once they fix the issue, the MPG was definitely better; I used to get 23-24 MPG, now I am getting 26-28.

    Now I am asking compensation from the dealer for the experience i went thru and Attorney fees, they are returning my calls/letter. I may probably go to the court and file a case. I will update you guys.

    I would suggest you all go to different dealer and check your car's break.

    Whoever having this issue, please share your thoughts/current situation
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    I have a 2013 gls (cal. emission) since I purchased it in April 2013 . I was getting 22-24 in city driving , 28-30 in city 40% highway 60%. I tried econ mode , not much better. In Sept. tried injection cleaner and Econ mode plus I kept RPMs under 2k which is very hard to due , but it is
    dueable. I got 28mpg in city driving with 30% was highway. My next statement is hearsay but it could be true that the valve ports get dirty with carbon builtup and causes the fuel mixture to be less efficient. If you notice the matinance manual has you putting it in every 7,500 miles ( that cleaner ). By the way it doesn't last long about 2 tank fulls. I hate my car has Cal. emissions.
    Also try to keep your tire pressure 32-35 psi
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    I recently bought a 2013 Elantra GLS and am one of the few people getting great gas mileage out of the thing. I live in rural New Jersey and usually drive at about 40-50mph with frequent stops and tons of hills.

    When I'm just driving around town I get around 31mpg and have gotten as much as 42mpg on the highway. This may mean nothing you anyone, though, because I drive like a grandmother who forgot her glasses. I regularly have a rather long line of cars behind me and I take quite a long time to actually get up to speed. It isn't a driving style most people are willing to commit to, but I think it may be the only way to get the posted MPG out of this year's Elantra.

    When I drive like everyone else, I get about 29mpg around town and about 35mpg on the highway. My tires are at 34psi and my car has just over 10,000 miles on it.

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    Replies to several of you:
    Someone suggested using non-ethanol gas. I tried to find out what gas the EPA uses. There was no info posted but I imagine 10% ethanol is used since that, unfortunately, is standard. The EPA has never been accurate and I just think it's a ballpark figure if I drive 55 mph on the highway but Hyundai took their inaccuracy to new highs.

    It's unrealistic to think I'm going to pay up to 50 cents more/gal. for non-ethanol for a car. I do use it for my smaller motors (lawnmower, etc.) where it won't break the bank using it.

    Also, I learned not to trust the MPG display in my 2013 Elantra. It's not programmed correctly and has been off as much as 20% lower. I manually check
    each time at the pump. I'm also keeping a spreadsheet. I can get a combined city/hwy 32 mpg.

    I do keep my tires inflated 3 lbs higher (as suggested by the dealer, who's pretty bad for everything else) but I am sort of in the mountains and learned to inflate my prior car higher when we moved here.

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    catr: I'm sorry about what you're going through. I sort of expect it in the future. My car is relatively new. I've read about brake issues. I will likely try going through other means rather than a lawyer. The company (Hyundai) has more money than you do (sorry, but this is how life goes) and can outlast your fighting for your money back.

    nkessler: I also tend not to speed much in my car because I don't want a ticket. When I had a 100 mi. RT down 287 in Jersey (in my last car), I drove consistently at 55 MPH and other somewhat higher speeds. Driving slower (what the EPA tends to do - unrealistically) does get better gas mileage.

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    @davidliang said:
    I have the same issue too. I just bought the 2013 Elantra Limited 2 weeks ago (2/23/2013). I use that mainly to commute between Vancouver WA and Portland OR. I am only getting 26 mpgs, which I was expecting to be around 30+.

    Should I call the number on Hyundai's website and complain about it, or?

    I just don't know what I can do when an auto company lies their valued customers.

    I sent the company a note about the faulty MPG. Here's their response. They'll never see mine. The bottom line is they are still lying. Since they say the cars "... sticker" should show the new mileage but don't, I said they were doing it on purpose. It's a simple fix and the inaccurate rating still shows up on the 2014 Elantras. They said to me not to expect EPA rating. I said it was Hyundai that sent the information to the EPA, so they lied and I never expect to get the estimates state but 20% off or more is unacceptable and appears to be done to sell more cars.

    Consumer Reports got it right. They said they got 27 MPG mixed driving.

    Here's Hyundai's response for your reading moan of the day. They don't value our opinion. Enough of you have said that. I bought the car 1.3 years after this was supposed to be corrected.

    Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America. Hyundai values your opinions and we appreciate you taking the time to contact us with your comments and suggestions about your Elantra.

    We are extremely dismayed to learn about your concerns about the mileage on your Elantra.

    If the MPG number on the Monroney label (the large sticker in the window of new cars) on your Elantra was incorrect, we do apologize. All of the old, incorrect stickers were to have been replaced by November 2, 2012. If you purchased your Elantra prior to this date, then there is a good chance that the label may be an old, inaccurate label.

    If, however, you purchased your Elantra after November 2, 2012, the old Monroney label should have been removed, and a new, accurate label should have been put in it's place.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides basic fuel economy estimates which are intended to reflect "typical" driving conditions, but are also conducted in a controlled manner. The city and highway miles per gallon (MPG) estimates help consumers compare the fuel economy of different vehicles tested under the same procedures.

    While the EPA estimates are a useful tool for comparing vehicles, there are many factors that affect gas mileage, including how the customer drives, vehicle condition, weather conditions, fuel quality variations, use of air conditioning and other accessories (e.g. roof racks, spoilers), etc. Given these factors, the actual mileage will almost certainly vary from the EPA estimates.

    We have documented your concerns, and have forwarded them to the appropriate personnel for further review.

    Bon apetite.

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    I too bought the 2013 Elantra Limited in October 2013 for the gas mileage and I am SEVERLY disappointed with the gas milage. I drive a combination of mixed highway and city driving, 110 miles each day. I average 20 MPG in the city, Never more than 32 on the hiway WITH the ECO button selected. Avg combined with the ECO button selected is 28.5 MPG. If I turn off the ECO button, I'm averaging 30-32 combined. BUT never more than 33 on the highway. I have 10.5K miles on it. I did not expect to get what was advertised on the window sticker, but I did expect it to be within 10%. So, the advertised 28 city should have been at least 25 MPG, getting more like 22 MPG. The 38 highway should have been at least 34.5 MPG, getting more like 32 MPG, and the combined Highway/City estimate of 32MPG is actually pretty close IF I keep the ECO button turned off... Dealer stated that they could find nothing wrong with the computer or the ECO system, and if I would leave the car for a couiple of days, they would have their technician drive it from the dealership to his house and back for a couple of days to see if they can duplicate the issues... Of course this is a non-starter... Anyone starting a class action lawsuit, sign me up as a co-paintiff...

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    The tires are bad and dangerous. There's an intermittent problem with the nav system. We all know the MPG advertised is fraudulent and Hyundai left it that way to sell more cars. I know NOT to go to the dealership because between the service department and the auto sales (spoke to both managers) they lied to me. I don't expect them to be capable of correcting something that can't be fixed (I would expect them to say leave it here but nothing would be done with it) and am concerned they'd mess it up more. I just got their coupons for regular maintenance but deleted them. Don't trust the dealership, I'm not giving them any more money and I would like to see them go bankrupt.

    I'm trying to find a way to go after them but it will likely be as an individual. Class actions bring attention but nothing much is gained from them other than the lawyers getting rich.

    godzylla58, I wondered if the ECO was making the mileage worse.

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    ****I must be the lucky one,bought mine in Dec 2013 and I've been to Laughlin Nevada 4 times in 3 months from Avondale AZ.I get good gas mileage.I use half a tank with AC running one way 232 miles.For the money,meaning under 20.000$ I do not expect a Cadillac ride.The car is pretty smooth on the freeway and climb hill with no strain,there's freeway noise when it's windy.Overall so far so good for me.Sorry some of you have had bad experiences with your Elantra 2013..****

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    Had my car serviced last Friday,later on that day I noticed the low tire icon on my dash,and when I looked I saw my r/r tire almost on the ground.I spoke with Mr Ken P. and told him what had happened and with no hesitation he offered,even pleaded with me to bring the car back to have the tire checked.It was no big deal,I went on and put air in it myself.Two days later the same tire was flat.I took it back to the dealer and told them about my flat tire right after I had my car serviced.The service advisor by the name of Tara greeted me and took the car in with no fuss, no argument.They found a sharp object that punctured the tire,they fixed it for me with no charge.I was having a bad day,that gesture of good faith and service made my day better.I want to say thank you Mr Ken and big thanks to Tara for being so graceful and customer service oriented.I only have positive stuff to say when it comes to the Hyundai dealership in Avondale.Every time I go there,they treat me like I want to be treated.Thanks a bunch!!!

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    I purchased my Elantra July of last year. Haven't really had any major problems. My sales person was falling all over himself after I showed up on his lot and he didn't have the car I asked about. As I was about to leave he suddenly had a vehicle for me. My service department, no complaints there either.
    Now a few months after I purchased my Elantra I received a letter in the mail from an attorney. My name must be in the Elantra data base somewhere. Anyway I was a little suspicious but called the number on the letter. I found out that this guy took it upon himself to file a class action lawsuit for Elantra owners in Virginia. He wants to make Hyundai pay for their false advertisement of 40 mile per gallon highway. Hey that's why I brought mine. Kia owners are doing the same thing. Not sure what the outcome is going to be, but there are a few suggestions presented to the attorney by us Elantra owners on what we want as a settlement. Now I wait and see what's going to happen. I advise other owners to check within their state to see if a law firm is doing the same thing.

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    Folks, I need your help. I'm entwined with a dealership issue that I will lose and need to get one fact straight. I have a 2013 Elantra Ltd (my bad). What is the real mileage that should be posted on the MSRP? My sticker is in front of my nose and it says 28 and 38. I get nowhere near that and their reimbursement program ended in 12/13 and I bought my car one month later. My city driving is around 21 - 22 mpg. Can I scream now :) ? I've always been gas conscious when buying cars (thank Pres. Carter for that ... lol) but this car needs to be put out of our misery.

    Catr, I know you started this discussion a long time ago and again, I thank you.

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    I'm sorry that this issue has occured I hope that the problem resolves soon.

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    @whatfuture said:
    Folks, I need your help. I'm entwined with a dealership issue that I will lose and need to get one fact straight. I have a 2013 Elantra Ltd (my bad). What is the real mileage that should be posted on the MSRP? My sticker is in front of my nose and it says 28 and 38. I get nowhere near that and their reimbursement program ended in 12/13 and I bought my car one month later. My city driving is around 21 - 22 mpg. Can I scream now :) ? I've always been gas conscious when buying cars (thank Pres. Carter for that ... lol) but this car needs to be put out of our misery.

    Catr, I know you started this discussion a long time ago and again, I thank you.

    Hyundai has been a known offender lying about its gas mpg on there vehicles. They did it with the Sonata and got in trouble with a class action law suit. The only thing I could tell you is as your vehicle is broken in it may get a little better gas mileage.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

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    Guys, Yes, Hyundai appears to be close to the worst company out there. I can't go locally because of all the issues I've had with the dealership. I've seen too many reviews where people complain about low gas mileage. Out of all of them one was corrected - (maybe CATR's) - and it was a brake issue and that makes sense to me. They're the epitome of the definition of denial. I give up with this and will send my response about their issues back to BBB.

    I think we all know to stay away from Hyundai and Kia. Ironically, stating all this will likely make our car values tank.

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    **I used to get better gas mileage when I first bought the car,now I'm getting something like 21-23 miles per gallon.If anyone has any good idea or a link to guide people in order to address or attack this problem,please pass it on here.I bought mine in Dec.2013 and I'm in Phoenix Az.Since coming to this site,I've been monitoring my gas tank and it does not look good,especially when you only drive in the city,the stop and go makes it worse.******

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    kingalbert4u: I do city driving and I'm getting about the same using my own manual calculations and that assumes the computer readouts are correct - gosh knows, it could be even lower... I've seen some comments about driving local without ECO on. I don't know if you use ECO but it's a shot.

    I attempted to find out if the EPA and mileage testing was done using ethanol. I'm not sure. If I assume the logical (it's unleaded 10% ethanol in most petrol now) the mileage drops more and eats your engine. There's really not a cost-effective work-around for that (unless you ride a motorcycle or have a lawn mower (small gas tanks), you can buy products that work to somehow slow down the erosion ethanol does).

    City and stop and go will be worse. No doubt about that. But the sticker shows 28 city and combined 32. I think they're still lying and there's no way around it that I've found. Even if you reduce this by 10 or 20% (it's what I've done for 40 years - don't believe the sticker), it doesn't come close to the garbage mileage many of us are getting.

    I think the biggest issue is that Hyundai lied (hence the ongoing lawsuits), so I don't know if there really is an answer. The technicians in my area within 100 mi. radius don't appear to know what they're doing or they're told by Hyundai (or "encouraged") not to help the customer. It's what they did when they first came to this country and one of many reasons I wouldn't touch them. I just thought that in 20 years they had changed and thus far, I don't see that change (except they are mass-marketing and that's working).

    Someone here said check the brakes. I don't get it but it couldn't hurt... if you trust the dealership or have a mechanic who know what he/she is doing. I have to go out of state to a dealership that was willing to fix a navigation issue where the local dopes wouldn't. So, good luck.

  • kingalbert4ukingalbert4u Member Posts: 7
    1-877-277-0012 is the number to call for info regarding gas mileage.
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    Gas mileage has been an ongoing problem with the Elantra, like many I bought the car when the 40MPG stickers were both on the sales slips and in 12" letters on the windshields. My 2012 now has about 65,500 miles on it and my average freeway mileage is about 35 to 37 MPG. I have the six speed auto and I find that Hyundai, in an attempt to increase gas mileage) geared the car very high and if you push on the gas for any reason at speed it will shift to a lower gear thus increasing the RPMs and reducing the gas mileage. I do keep the tires at about 37LBS and that has helped. I do not even keep track of gas mileage when I do city driving because of the excessive number of shifts in traffic. All in all I am happy with my gas mileage but it was NOT the 40MPG that was a big selling factor. Sometimes I am very happy with the Elantra and some times I wish I had my 05 Scion tC back.
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    Like many others, I also have the mpg problem on my 2013 hyundai elantra. I only get around 21-28mpg combined and I am not sure why. My second car which is a 2009 Kia Sportage can do about the same (EPA 20/25/22 combined), or above the EPA combined number sometimes (24mpg) !
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    Like so many others, I too am extremely dissapointed withe gas mileage. The reported 40/28 mpg was a major factor in purchasing the vehicle (2013 elantra) As with CATR, I reported this issue everytime the vehicle was serviced. Several times I told them it felt "as if the brake was on". I could feel the vibration. They insisted nothing was wrong. Well today, as I left for work while it was snowing, I virtually had no brakes. The pedal kept pulsating. I was very reluctuant to drive the car, but took it to the dealership (no more than 20 mph). They informed me the ABS was activating because the tires were slipping. I was told I needed to replace all four tires and my rear brakes. The car only has 27,000 miles on it! I do not ride the brake and most of my driving is highway driving. I coast to stops as much as possible because of the gas mileage issue. My last car lasted for 259,000 miles and I replaced the brakes twice! Replaced all four tires only twice (some were replaced more due to damage). The dealer told me this was about the accepted mileage for replacement of both tires and the brakes. I'm sorry but I find this UNACCEPTABLE! I said to him, "this is supposed to be the North American car of the year". It sounds as though GM has truely "set the standard" of vehicle quality. Wow, We're all in trouble!
  • y0lliey0llie NORTHERN VAMember Posts: 5
    I guess I can consider myself lucky. A few months after I purchased my 2013 Elantra, a law office contacted me to let me know they were going after Hyundai for falsifying their gas mileage. I currently live in VA.
  • kingalbert4ukingalbert4u Member Posts: 7
    y0llie said:

    I guess I can consider myself lucky. A few months after I purchased my 2013 Elantra, a law office contacted me to let me know they were going after Hyundai for falsifying their gas mileage. I currently live in VA.

    can you give us this lawyer info?email addy or a link?
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655

    y0llie said:

    I guess I can consider myself lucky. A few months after I purchased my 2013 Elantra, a law office contacted me to let me know they were going after Hyundai for falsifying their gas mileage. I currently live in VA.

    can you give us this lawyer info?email addy or a link?
    Not sure I'd ever be interested in using a lawyer that might contact me in this way, seems to be abulance chaser kind of thing

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    Just some food for thought, I have put 500 or so miles on my 2015 Elantra SE automatic, and so far I am averaging over 30mpg, in fact currently I'm averaging 36 or so with 80% of my time spent on SoCal freeways. Red lights, heavy acceleration up hills, and congestion so far seem to be the main culprits, because on open, flat stretches with the cruise control set near 70 the on-board computer is averaging about 38mpg, in line with the Moroney sticker. The aforementioned culprits cause an immediate and significant drop in fuel economy, but that's how every car that I have ever driven behaves.

    I'm not saying the numbers on the Moroney sticker are right on the mark, but even my trusty 04 Accord averages below the sticker unless I keep it at 70 on the highway for 90% of my driving. If you drive on decent roads with a light enough foot and at a reasonable speed, my experience suggests the car is very capable of returning superb fuel economy. It just may not be "fun to drive" :)
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    We own a 2013 auto Elantra & 2016 manual Elantra. The auto has averaged 39mpg using 100% ethanol-free gasoline(E0) & with featherfooting, 15% city driving & tires at 40psi(no extra tire wear). Both have gotten 43mpg & 46mpg on the highway. The Elantra really really responds to E0, gaining 8% to 7% mpg over E10. Elantra loses 3mpg using E10. E0 equivalent is used for EPA testing.
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