Ford Taurus cuts out when I punch it into passing gear

torqued1torqued1 Member Posts: 3
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its the only time it does not perform right


  • pjbear05pjbear05 Member Posts: 2
    I have something similar-2002 Taurus SE runs good, but when I "punch it" to downshift for passing the car accelerates, then hesitates continually, and it feels like it downshifts, then upshifts continually. I now accelerate gradually to pass What happening here?
  • jaswoodjaswood Member Posts: 7
    Motor mounts...
  • junkwearyjunkweary Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2002 Taurus SES and the passing thing as described above happens. It also seems to slip a gear when I do above 65 MPH, and comes back instantly. Scary - Kerchunk! You think you'll hit the windshield. I've been told it's the transmission and will cost up to $2000 to fix as the 2002 model doesn't have an electronic checking system for the transmission (began with the next year's model). I'm driving it and it's okay as long as I stay below 65 and don't try to pass rapidly. Now is that motor mounts or tranny? Help!
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