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Owners Reporting Lower EPA mpg for C-Max

cshelleycshelley Posts: 10
ConsumerReports reported much lower mpg for the C-Max than the EPA 47 mpg (10 mpg less). Owners on are also reporting lower mpg. ConsumerReports gave the Prius C 7 mpg less when they tested it. There's a lot of web articles on this topic. I've written about it at I'm interested in finding out experiences of C-Max Hybrid and Energi owners. There seems to be a lot of factors influencing this. Are there any analytical types out there that can add more substance? Please post your thoughts on the low mpg.


  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    edited December 2012
    I drove 35 miles home the other night, mixed hwy and city, display said mpg was 45.9 for the trip. You must keep the car in EV mode for as long as possible and drive it in the manner for which it was designed. That probably means altering your driving style. By the way I have the car only one week with 400 break-in miles.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992

    Shows 33 drivers for the C-Max getting 39.4 MPG average vs 17 drivers getting 42.5MPG for the Prius V.

    It will probably take a year to get more accurate numbers, but the Prius has always received pretty good MPG in comparison to the EPA numbers.
    47.7MPG for a 2006 Gen II Prius (46mpg EPA) and 49.3MPG for a Gen III Prius (50mpg EPA) both with over a 100 vehicle sample size.
  • I have owned a C-Max for two months and have 2300mi. On it.
    I bought it for two reasons, mileage and assembled in the U.S.
    The adds present it as getting 47mpg city and highway.
    No way... The best I have gotten is 36.
    The electric EV software control is very erratic at any speed up to 62mph, not allowing
    Enough electric motor time to increase mpg. I drive 70 percent on the highway at a normal
    Here speed of 75mph. The average mpg readout on the dash is 2mpg over my calculated mpg.
    The only solution I see possible is reprogram the software to increase EV time without running the battery's down or overheating them.
    Maybe I should have bought a Prius...
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    In New York City the highway speed limit is 50mph, and I go with the flow which is 60. Luckily keeping below 62 to keep in EV mode works for me, though I found just like you slowly accelerating and keeping in EV mode especially on the highway your right foot must apply the weight of a feather. And you can't stay in the left lane and pass cars driving like this.
  • New C Max with average city driving now in the range of 32-33 mpg. I checked again at a local Ford dealer and the C Max window sticker in the show room still states 47 mpg. Shouldn't the EPA be looking into this? :confuse:
  • ddd13ddd13 Posts: 1
    We have about 3000 miles, with moderate all around driving in metro Atlanta. Mileage is 36. Especially disappointed in highway mileage - over 63 yields less than an non-hybrid civic, and a number of other cars, and painfully close to a BMW!!! Back and forth to Birmingham last week at 70 - 75 mph, and could barely make 36 mpg. A Prius V will easily best that by 6 to 10 mph. In the south, there is no reasonable way to drive on rural freeways in the low 60's without being a safety hazard and 18 wheeler bait. The fact that the car stays out of EV mode until warmed up also means that short trips - say 2 to 5 miles - tend to yield poor mileage - other hybrids the opposite! WE have never been close to 47 on any length drive. It is a nice little car, but should not be purchased based on the mileage claim. I am shocked that Ford still advertises that it beats Prius V, and that the Edmunds review still touts its great mileage.
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    edited December 2012
    Ford should have openly disclosed speeds above 62mph will not use EV mode and will not get intended mileage, not buried in the owners manual which you read/not read AFTER you buy the car. Like you I find myself having to get out of the way of cars speeding and closing behind me in order to maintain EV mode. When you buy a fully electric car you know its limitations before the purchase. Most of my trips though do get mpg in the 40's, it's how you drive and for how long
  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiPosts: 53
    " I drive 70 percent on the highway at a normal speed of 75mph"

    I am not sure why anyone who drives 70% of the time on the highway going 70mph would even consider buy a hybrid? It sounds like to me that you would of been better off with what I have (2012 focus) I get 35mpg with 70% highway all the time. It stickered for $25,000 and I bought it for $20,000
  • To the smart driver who got a great deal on a Focus.
    You are absolutely correct. Where were you last year when I needed you?
    I might just get rid of the C Max and get a Focus. But on second thought, I just don't trust Ford anymore. I got suckered with the 47 thing. It won't happen again. The company is temporarily off my list.
    Anyway, good luck with the Focus.
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    Get the computer reflash, hopefully it helps
  • My commute is 150 miles a day. I had my cmax software up date. It will now run 85 mph on electric much better. So far my mpg has gone from 39.4 to 42 I will Check speedometer. Mile on fill up tonight. If you research any new car you will find the EPA mileage to be 6 to 10 miles off real life driving. My 2010 Chevy was rated at 33 mpg it gets 24 to 26 the cmax is a quite ride and comfortable. If it would stay in ele FDIC mode. Little longer on flat road ift would get even better
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Today, Ford announced they are lowering the C-Max EPA rating from 47 mpg city/47 highway/47 combined to 45 city/40 highway/43 combined. Owners and lessees will receive compensation for the misstated mileage.

    Industry trade publication Automotive News was first with the story:
    Automotive News Aug 15 2013 - Ford lowers fuel economy rating on C-Max hybrid 8.5% to 43 mpg

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • vtsteve2vtsteve2 Posts: 10
    A clever marketing move to paint perception, and their actions behind the scenes were extremely effective. Whereas my Prius V has no trouble achieving the sticker MPG, a small handful get even close to the mileage in the Fords. Ford and the EPA have stated the changes to the EPA ratings test.

    That's all well and good, but what about those cars that do just fine? All I can say about Ford is that they invested in pretty slick people, and got a return on their money. With all of the recalls on the new Fords (and many old ones), since last year, you don't hear much discussion about them. Even the unintended acceleration for their sticky pedals.

    I would think that they should also reduce the rated mileage on the Fusion hybrids as well. My V is rated for 40/44/42 combined. To date I'm over 42 combined, and I don't need someone telling me how to drive.
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