Subaru Outback vs. Jetta SportWagen TDI

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I am currently looking at a 2013 Outback and a 2013 SportWagen TDI.

The TDI gets better gas mileage but the Outback has AWD and since this is a vehicle that i would like to keep for 10+ years and pass on to my kid when he starts driving...both seem to lost a long time.

Has anyone else debated this and what did you come up with?


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    I considered the TDI but decided on the Outback because the mileage just wasn't as significant for me as perhaps for others. I've driven older TDIs ('98 and '01) when renting cars in Germany and really liked the "common rail" injection.

    I'm not sure that the newer TDI is as responsive and wasn't sure how the VW automatic transmission stacked up against the Outbact CVT. We live in CO so the AWD was pretty important to us and neither of us wanted to go back to a standard transmission.

    I'm not sure that the (current) large price difference between 85 octane gas and diesel means a lower cost per mile for the VW anyway. I know that a few years ago VW had some niggling problems with things like window switches but not sure that those haven't been resolved. Subies have a great reputation for longevity.

    Not sure how the VW and Outback compare pricewise as we only considered the Limited OB and getting an OB at invoice or lower isn't too difficult.

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    thank you for your response...i would prefer the gas savings of the SportWagen over the AWD of the Outback only because i live in Texas and dont really need it.

    However, since i plan on keeping the car for so long, i dont know where i will be when i get home next September or in 5 its possible we could end up in an area that would geatly benefit from the AWD. i just dont think buying a car with the expectation of possibly using it down the road would be the best idea...ya know.
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    Here I am in the "same boat"...comparing subaru outbk w/ vw sportwagen tdi. I see you were inquiring in 2012. what did you end up buying? glad you did? any other suggestions out there? I do put on the miles...almost 50k yr. plus have children, need the storage space that each offers. WHAT TO DO????
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    I ended up with a 2013 Outback but mainly because the wife said it looked better...whatever. however, i will say that its probably for the best because i could see her filling it up with gas and then having to come out of pocket for the repairs since it is not covered under the warrany.
    im pretty happy with it and she loves it. it was pretty much between those two since the Explorer was a little out of the price range. the storage is pretty awesome, especially when compared to my 2011 Mustang the only thing i dont really care for is the bar that goes across the back that has the shade in kind of gets in the way a lot so i end up taking it out quite a bit to fit stuff back there.
    overall, she's happy with it.
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    I chose the 2014 Jetta SportWagen TDI (even though I live in Seattle and AWD is very useful here) after driving both vehicles, and I came away so much more impressed with the Jetta SW. First, it drives like a rocket with the turbocharger and actually throws you back in the seat when you punch the accelerator. Next, the difference in mileage is huge. I got the automatic transmission and just love the smooth shifts. Also, the fit and finish in the car is impeccable. Next, the JSW is a foot shorter than the Outback, which I appreciate. Finally, you see about a billion Outbacks on the roads in Seattle; it's just nice to have something else.
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    I need the following for NJ

    36 month 15K
    39 month 15K
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    I actually owned or own both. Bought a Jetta Sportwagen TDI new and drove it for 125k until the first heavy snow last winter. I loved that car. It had all the options and was quality built. I did have the 6 speed manual and this added to the sportiness. Why don't I have it now? It was totaled in that snow storm. I decided that I would sacrifice the fantastic fuel economy for a car with AWD. I now drive a 2011 Subaru Outback. Not as fast as my TDI but it has more interior room, is still sporty and most important, is AWD. I would highly recommend both cars but this depends on your climate. Now you have another option, the 2015 VW Sportwagen (will be built on the Golf platform) it will be called the Alltrack and it is built to compete with the outback. I drive too many miles to buy new but this is a viable option.
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    Do you have a link to that?
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    i've had a jetta 2008 2.5 se that thing was amazingly reliable loved driving it bit low to get in as i get older with diesel at almost a dollar more than gas and some have to put that urea junk for pollution its harder and harder to justify diesel except for long life do a spread sheet but costs may be tough to handle
    resale is very good but i'd go outback wider gets on fuelly 25 avg
    jetta no awd,
    we just traded my wife jetta for an outback limited

    diesel near me is 90cents more a gallon than gas if diesel is 30% more efficient but fuel is 30% more well no advantage.

    also consider the forester very nice, we just were almost getting that but my wife like the outback dash and cubby holes better

    forester is very very nice, my friends have them and are singing the praises

    test them all

    we also considered the 15 crv when we tested it , it had a course vibration at idle, or in park and speed, DROVE MY WIFE NUTS you could see it vibrate
    she turned around after a 10 min drive and wanted to test the subaru
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