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Honda Element Starting Problem

Conditions – cold and or wet weather. (low 50s and below if wet, under 40 if dry)
Prior to start –
Green key light flashing. Dome light, if set to turn on when door is open is also flashing intermittently prior to door being open.
Attempting to start –
Turn key to start, car tries but cannot. Key back to insert position – clicking sound under dash near lower area of passenger door. Clicking continues while key is in insert position until car turns over and starts.
Car is started –
All dash lights and gauges are inoperable, no lights, even when headlights are on. Clicking sound stops, no green key light. Only break light remains on, even if break is disengaged
Solution thus far has been to strike/rap dashboard above steering wheel – usually once – all lighting and gauges engage/light up, car drives as normal.


  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    First Im gonna state the obvious, you have an electrical issue probably some where in the dash or under it. Most likely from a bad ground wire. I know this isnt a huge help but hopefully its a start.
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