How to tell if side curtain airbags in a used Explorer

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We have been looking for a used 2002-2006 Ford Explorer. On our must haves is the side curtain airbags that protect the front and rear passengers. I am a bit confused as to how to tell what kind of side airbags a certain vehicle has. We want the safety canopy, not just the side bags for the front passengers.
I know a "D" in the vins 4th position (for 2002-2005) means side airbags but does it always mean the safety canopy side curtain airbags?
We have seen a 2002 with the airbag stickers on the roof over both the front AND rear pillars, and then today saw a 2005 with the airbag sticker on the roof just over the front pillar. Does that mean it does not have the safety canopy and just has side curtain for the front passengers?
It gets even more confusing with the 2006 models as all come with the front passenger side bags, so searching the vin it will say-"Sec. Gen. Airbags & Side Airbags, Curtains, or Canopy".
How do you tell for sure if an explorer has the safety canopy side curtain airbags?

I am also wondering if a mechanic can tell if a vehicles airbags have blown and are in good functioning condition. We saw a used '06 Explorer with really low miles in great condition but it had been in an accident (still clean title), but I worry about the airbags. We are looking for a new vehicle because our last Explorer was totaled in an accident and after seeing what can happen in a low speed accident, I want to make sure we have the safest car possible!

Thanks for any help!


  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    every car ive ever seen with head curtain airbags says so on roof or one of the posts or both or everywhere. if it doesnt have them it wont say airbag anywhere up there. side seat airbags will say so on the seat itself.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    when you start car the airbag light comes on and checks for airbags and system function. light goes off after a few seconds. if something wrong or is missing light will stay on or not come on at all if someone took bulb out.
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