2012+ Subaru Impreza: Useful/Enjoyable Factory Options?

sd70sd70 Member Posts: 9
Just checking out the options available for the 2013 Impreza Sport Limited and wondering which factory options you all enjoy or find useful. Any options that you thought weren't worth buying?

I'm thinking of getting:
- Moonroof

- Side Cargo Nets: to replace the rear cubbies I currently have in my Forester, which I find very useful

- Rear Cargo Net: I've found this useful for keeping groceries and basketballs from rolling around

- Cargo Tray: I found this very useful in the forester for transporting dirty stuff

- All weather Floor Mats: Considering going aftermarket for these, but the Subaru invoice price on these seems reasonable at $45

- Center Armrest Tray: Looks like a good place to keep the Smartphone or MP3 player

Roof Rack Cross Bars: I plan to go with the Yakima stuff like I did with my Forester, but not through the dealer.

Does anyone have any opinions on the speaker upgrades? I have the tweeter kit in my 2001 Forester and most of the forums members back then felt they were an improvement. I'm not exactly an audiophile, but do they make a difference in the new Impreza?


  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
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    Center tray is totally worth it, you'll use it all the time.
  • tybatetybate Member Posts: 1
    I have a 13 sport limited. The cargo tray is a must. Mine came with the moonroof. I have never really used them in any car but enjoy the lighting it provides.

    I wouldn't waste your money on the mats. I did and regret it, not much coverage IMO. I would have rather used the money to get weathertech or even the cheap ones at Costco. Halfway through winter and my floors are a wreck.

    The standard speakers are a joke.

    I don't have the tray but do have a non-subaru phone holder that goes into the vent. Much easier to navigate on the phone instead of lifting the armrest every time. Iphone cord reaches the vent with a little slack in the line, no problem there.

    hope this helps.
  • sd70sd70 Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks for the info. on the mats. Looks like I'll be going aftermarket for those.

    I agree, the cargo tray is a must.

    I'm planning on using an older 4gig ipod for my music needs. I'll just keep it in the car. I figure that tray would be good to keep it off the bottom of the armrest storage area, where a bunch of crud tends to accumulate in my current car. I have a windshield mount for my smartphone since I use my phone for navigation. My Droid X2 comes with excellent navigation capabilities. When you plug it into the windshield mount, the phone goes into a "car" mode which is a cool feature. As a result, I'm gonna pass on the navigation option. I think the standard Limited head unit with the 4.3" screen will suit me fine.

    Glad to hear you enjoy the moonroof. I'm planning on treating myself to one this time.

    I'm still not sure what to do about the speakers, but it seems like it might be best to either go with the kicker upgrade or go aftermarket. I don't consider myself an audiophile, so the kickers may be enough to satisfy me.

    BTW.... what do you all think of those rear seat back protectors?
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Member Posts: 48
    I'm not into loading up a car with depreciating accessories I don't need, so the only thing I put on my Sport Premium was 3M clear hood protector(which cost me $100 at a private shop). It already came with the things I wanted anyway---decent looking rims, fog lights and heated seats.
  • cherryfancherryfan Member Posts: 12
    To each their own: on the Front Range in Colorado, the optional all-weather floor mats are more than adequate. No need here for the more expensive Weathertech mats.

    I also found the standard "B" level stereo quite good, without aftermarket speakers, once I set the tone controls where I want them.

    Otherwise, Moonroof is really nice to have, so are heated seats. The standard aero bars (Premium level) are nicely integrated and relatively easy to install. And the fog lamps are easy to like as well.
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