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Ford Escape Cargo Area

old_guy1old_guy1 Posts: 2
I recently purchased a 2012 Ford Escape. Owned a 2009 Escape previously and was looking forward to the 2013 Escape. Much to my displeasure, like many in it's class, the rear cargo area is not wide enough to fit my golf clubs. I can fit 4 sets of clubs in my 2012 as I could in my 2009. I wish some of the european engineers played golf.


  • Sounds like golf comes with a price, like a Ford Edge or Explorer kind of price.
  • Escape was fine before new design. I picked up a 800 pound gun safe in my 2009. It fit in with seats down and back hatch closed. Could not do that in th 2013. Seems like they went backwards in 2013.
  • we looked at the 2013, yech! Our 2011 has physically more space and not the tight cabin appearance of the 2013. The 'new' escape has been in europe for a long time. I love room in the old version. but we are having our share of problem with the 2011 (ujoint, heater dial, tranny)
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