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Hyundai Sonata GLS - 2013 - Duplicate keys

I just bought new Sonata a week ago and now i am unable to find my keys. Can anyone tell me how much will the duplicate key cost. I have GLS which has remote start too.

Thank You


  • I, too, recently purchased a 2013 GLS Sonata and was quoted a price of $12 including tax for an additional master key. I did not ask the cost of the keyfob itself. I got this quote from Wile Motors in Columbia CT. Hope this helps.

    Shouldn't cost you no more than $125.00 depending on the remote start.
  • I have a 2013 Sonata Limited 2.0T with remote start.The dealer wants $195.00. I bought a key online ($54.00) but it won't program the dealer is telling me that the keys are specific to the type & year of the car even though they look ecaclty alike. I got the part number an I am still looking. Don't want to spend $195.00 for a key.
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