Mazda RX-8 Remote Entry Programming

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My son's 2004 RX-8 Remote Entry FOB quit working, I changed the battery.. still no joy. I went onto eBay and purchased a new FOB making sure I bought the correct Part# and FCC# as his old one. I got the car into programming mode by opening the drivers door, turn key on/off 3 times, close/open drivers door 3 times and the driver's door locks and then unlocks letting you know that you are in programming mode. I next push any button twice per the instructions and nothing happens. I called the company and they sent me a new FOB and I get the same results. I even tried disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes and then try it and got the same results. Has anyone had this same issue?? Is there something I can check under the dash?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have exactly the same issue, Have tried with 2 fobs new and nothing have you found any answers, the car goes into programing mode ok, i belive the alarm control module has gone out. Any info will be appreciated.. Have a nice day.
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