Purchased a new MDX, but received a car re-painted

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Hi All,

I purchased my brand new 2012 Acura MDX on June 2012. Lately, since I was going to a body shop to fix a dent caused by myself. I have been told a bad news that my rear left door has been repainted before. (which is the same door of the dent)

I went to the dealership and they admitted the repaint issue and said get me back later. After few days, a body shop works with that dealership called me and offered me $100 less than the first one I went to for repairing the dent. Other than that, the dealership never contacted me again.

Then I started to contact Acura America client relations. I have requested another brand new car. After they heard my statement and contacted the manager of the dealership, they still offered the same thing $100 less repairing.

I think it is not important how much I should pay for repair. Because that my own business. It's my mistake. But right now, I figured my car was not really "brand new". The dealership and the cooperate did nothing on this.

So I have few concerns here.

1. I bought a "brand new" car but the door has been repainted. Does it still consider brand new? Is it reasonable I requested another brand new car. (well, I highly doubt it, but I need to start with this request) Or any kind of rights or request that I am supposed to get.

2. Looks like Acura cooperate should stand with customers. However, in my case, cooperate didn't help at all. They just passed my request to the dealership. And they passed the dealership's response to me. They didn't do anything regarding my situation of dishonest dealership selling. Should cooperate work out or fight for my rights? not just passing words between two aspects.

3. Does it help I am looking for other assistant, such as BBB?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.


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    Cars get damaged in transit and I think most state laws allow the dealer to repair dings and dents without disclosing the repair to the consumer. The amount of repair value varies by state. Naturally if this information showed up on a Carfax or AutoCheck as an "accident" it would lower the value of the car.

    You could try escalating your issue via other social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Dealer Review sites, you local consumer protection agency or AGs office, the BBB, etc., and you could write your state representatives asking them to require dealers and manufacturers to disclose any such repairs. (The dealer lobby contributes to the politicians to keep the status quo in place though).

    But I don't think you aren't in that strong of a position since you didn't notice the flaw for months and you wound up damaging the door itself. My concern would be that you are applying more paint on top of a repair and not on the original factory paint. Who's going to warranty the paint - the body shop or Audi? And how for how long? If the door starts peeling in 5 years, will anyone pay to fix it? I'd want that spelled out with some written documentation either way so I could use the repair orders and info from Audi in small claims court if the paint peels on that door.
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