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Hello, I'm in the process of purchasing a 2013 Accord EX-L V6 without Navigation, but was wondering if there were any good alternatives out there. Adding the Navi upgrade to this vehicle (in my opinion) is much too expensive. A $1900 upgrade for something that my Samsung and IPhone phones already have.

Specifically looking for something that already uses the electronics within the Accord (iMid?). I could always add a portable GPS, its just more items hanging off the windshield.

Looked at, but nothing is available yet.

Any suggestions?



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    Jaime - I just ordered an EX-L with the Navigation package. You may already know this, but there's a bit more to it than just Navigation. One thing it gets you is a different or additional (not sure which) rear camera with better views of the rear. From reading the Navigation system manual, you also get voice control of the audio and climate control systems. I bought through an independent broker here and saved an additional $1k over the average sales price, so that made the Nav package price a bit less painful.
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    Hi Solo, I knew there were other benefits but didn't really look into it. I was reading other forums on the navigation primarily the Odyssey.

    Dealerships didn't budge at all jumping to navigation.

    Thanks for the response.
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    I have an 04 Accord with navi. Here are a few personal comments regarding purchasing a built in navi system. Again, this is based on the 04 system, I don't know if anything is different with the 2013 design.

    It's built in, no worries with leaving the navi exposed to a potential smash and grab.
    the screen size is much larger then the portable navi devices.
    the navi speaks through the front speakers for the radio, it's easy to understand the verbal commands.
    with the navi, you also have a trip computer, touch screen controls for climate and radio. There are other features build into the navi screen, but I don't recall what they are right now since I never use them.
    the system has voice recognition.

    It's built in, your stuck with the current level of technology. There currently isn't an option of upgrading the system as new technologies are developed.
    The system gets it's mapping from a DVD. I can understand that for my generation of navi systems, but for 2013??? Why do they continue with an obsolete technology for map storage? Why don't they use something like a flash drive which could plug into an accessible port somewhere on the dash. It wouldn't require a mechanical DVD player in the trunk. Hopefully the DVD player doesn't die in my 04 since it will be costly to repair/replace.
    The annual DVD data upgrade currently is $149. You spend 2K for the navi system, I would think for that amount of money you would get lifetime upgrades, or at lease the price would be low just to cover the cost of the DVD and shipping. I could get a portable navi with lifetime upgrades for around the same price.
    You can't transfer your navi from vehicle to vehicle.
    The voice recognition doesn't work very well. You have to remember specific commands, and quite often it doesn't understand the command so it does nothing or get's it wrong and does something you have to undo. I gave up after a few weeks and I never use the voice command feature.
    If the navi system dies, so does my access to the trip computer, radio and A/C controls since they share the same screen.

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    I looked at both and opted for the V6 W/O navi. The camera clarity on the navi version was not all that spectacular and the w/o navi version has multiple camera views as well. Keep in mind that you are only going to use this in reverse and it really only helps with the last 2 feet. I still look over over the seat (since I can't blame the camera if I do nudge something, hehe).
    The additional climate and audio commands are nice but I do not mind reaching over the few inches to press a button (the dual climate control was really all I was asking for).

    The best alternative to NAVI I found was to swap out the rear view camera with a NAVI built in ($300 to $800). This will also deter the snatch and grab (easiest install ever). You can upgrade the maps if needed and it looks cool. - r-navigation-system-4014425.html

    Or get an Android cell phone and use nav on it.
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    Hey Jayman,

    Thanks for the link. Found some other items in the site of interest. :-)
    That's what I do now on my 2001 Toyota Tundra, use my Samsung Galaxy S3 for navigation. This is for the wife, but she doesn't drive out of her comfort zone very much. When she does, I end up driving.

    Reading these forums, now I'm concerned about this vibration with the V6. Have you experienced it? Something with the ECO cutting down to 3 cylinders, and therefore resulting in increased engine vibration.
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    Thanks Mr.Bill, Thats the largest complaint I noticed on the Odyssey navigation thread, old maps ..old technology. And certainly the loss of nearly everything if the Navi fails.

    As I have a tendency to drive a vehicle till it's almost dead (1989 Accord-269,000 miles, 2001 Toy Tundra-202,000 miles and counting), I should stay away from a single point of failure item.

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    Hey Jayman, I found your post where you wrote about V6 ECON drive. That answers my question. Yeah, 40 plus mpg would have been awesome. LOL!
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    To be honest I really did not notice the vibration until I read about other reviews. It is so minor that I have to shut the radio off, close the windows, and be looking for it. I too purchased this car for my wife and she says she cannot feel it.

    Our first full tank of gas got us 447 miles and most were city miles and some were just me playing around with the vehicle. Today I ran a 8 mile trip going about 68 to 72 mph with econ on and hit 42 mpg (very few hills, outside temp 62 degrees). I was watching the mpg gauge and dash lights to see how good I could do. If I drive like I usually do, I probably would have been around the mid 30's. Hope that helps.
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    Anything over 30 mpg will be a huge improvement from her previous vehicle (Toyota 4Runner), low 20's.

    We ordered the car (color was unavailable till mid Feb) for her commuting and her MPG, but the V6 is for me on the weekends. ;-P Her Toyota 4 Cyl has nothing to pass cars up on the freeways, especially coming from my Tundra's V8. But then again, I get mid to high teens at best for MPG.
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    I am not a big fan of a stand alone GPS unit but I must say I'm impressed with new Garmin NUVI 3940. It has voice commands and could do all that the Accord NAVI would do and then some. One hugh bonus is the free lifetime map updates (not available on the accord) and FM traffic update (same as the accord navi).
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    Hey Jayman, Purchased the vehicle for the wife. The MPG Im getting greatly varies. The wife drives about 4 miles or so to work at no faster than 40 mph and in fairly heaving traffic. She's averaging in the high teens to low 20's mpg. When I take the V6 on the freeway it jumps to 30.5 MPG and with the ECO on, the MPG are at 34.5. It's still a baby with only 670 miles on it.

    Taking it on a long trip soon, so we shall see what the mileage is truly.
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