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2013 Honda Accord MPG Report

jjjaymmmanjjjaymmman Member Posts: 43
Just curious on what others are reporting for actual mpg on the 2013 Accord.

Let us know based on a ten mile trip or better, and give some details.

I have a 2013 EX-L V6 w/o navi. The best mpg I've seen with Eco on, 17 mile trip, very little hills, outside temp 52 degrees, mix of city and highway (3 city miles, 14 highway miles), avg top speed of 72, and I ended with 34.2 mpg.

Also I found that at slower speeds (about 37 mph) with minimal stops (4 miles) I was able to get 42 mpg.

This information is base on what the car displays as the mpg.



  • michaelvoxmichaelvox Member Posts: 25
    Be careful with the onboard computer. It's better to compute at tank filling.

    EX-L V6

    Five tanks: 27.21 MPG
    Last Tank: 27.88 MPG
    Best Tank: 28.25 MPG

    Trip computer is 1.8% higher, which is pretty accurate.

    My driving is probably 60/40 town/highway. I'm playing with Econ/D/and S modes.

    Econ appears to be 2MPG better than D in my case. S is 4MPG lower than D.

  • jjjaymmmanjjjaymmman Member Posts: 43
    edited February 2013
    I agree Michael, I still would like to see what others are seeing out there both tank and computer data would be nice to compare. Thanks for the input.

    My 1st tank fill up was 15.4 gallons and I put on 447 miles = 29.02 MPG (60% highway 40% city). The computer showed 30.2 MPG so it was fairly close. I will keep track of both to let everyone know.

    So far at 40 mph and 72 mph seem to produce the best MPG (per econ gauge and trip report).

    Overall your report of a 27+ MPG is great for a city/highway mix. I'm very pleased.

    EX-L V6
    I'll be taking a long trip this weekend and want to see how good I can do on a 150 mile highway trip.
  • jjjaymmmanjjjaymmman Member Posts: 43
    edited February 2013
    So I wanted to test a theory to see how accurate the mpg on the display versus a fill up would be on a short trip. This is the result:

    I filled the tank and started the journey. My goal beyond 20 miles was to pull over when the computers average mpg tied with the odometer. This occurred when the computer hit 36.8 mpg and the odometer was at 36.8 from my starting point.

    I stopped the nearest gas station an the odometer was exactly 37.4 from my starting point and the vehicle display showed 36.2 mpg. The car took 1.04 gallons (slow filled to the top just like I did when I started). This comes out to 35.96 mpg. This may not be the best test but it did give me piece of mind that the on board computer is very accurate.

    Accord V6 EX-L, driving speed averaged 65 mph, econ on, very minor hills, outside temp 62 degrees, all highway.
  • jjjaymmmanjjjaymmman Member Posts: 43
    edited February 2013

    80% highway / 20 % city

    Tank 33.4 mpg

    Two long trips of 180 miles, highway. This boosted my average with 36.6 mpg one way and 37.2 mpg on return (per the on board display), econ on, cruise most of the trip except on hills. I tried to keep the mpg gauge at 45 most of the trip. Also, it was easier to maintain a high mpg during steeper hills without cruise.

    2013 accord, EX-L V6
  • tatseatatsea Member Posts: 17
    I am interested in buying a 2013 Accord EXL with CVT transmission. For those who have purchased a 4 cylinder CVT model, can you please share your experience with mpg for city and highway? Thank you in advance for your post.
  • jcaughmanjcaughman Member Posts: 1
    I am also getting mpg's much greater than the sticker mpg. On level surfaces at 63 mph, the mpg on the trip computer, the one below the speedometer, will show 42 mpg. On slight declines, the mpg's will 'go off the scale'. I haven't calibrated these numbers with a gas fill up, noting the gallons used and the mileage driven, but I have to assume that the numbers are what the computer sees. Now, the mpg's on the 8 inch display never match the dash one. It pretty consistently is in the 37 to 39 mpg range for long trips. I don't know why the two would differ so much. Still, the overall mpg on the highway is impressive. I also find it easier to keep the engine in the VCM mode by not having the cruise control on. A slight pedal decrease will keep the VCM active.
  • suydamsuydam Member Posts: 4,676
    So far on highway trips the display is showing between 35 and 38 mpg. Just took a 300 mile trip and the computer says I have another 250 mile range. Wonderful! In town I am averaging 26 mpg. May be worse on this trip as I am in a small city with a lot of very long stop lights. This is an EX-L CVT. very happy with the mileage. Display matches the fill-up for me.
    '14 Buick Encore Convenience
    '17 Chevy Volt Premiere
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Dash and center display should match exactly if they are both on the same setting (mine do). Make sure you are comparing trip A to trip A. The center will not display trip B (default setting), just trip A or current. The dash just displays trip A or trip B and not current.
  • marcus216marcus216 Member Posts: 78
    I have a 2013 EXL V6 w/o Nav. Just turned 3,000 miles on the odometer. I am closely watching the mileage and am getting 22.8 MPG in town driving without the Eco turned on. I have taken two 150 mile + interstate trips and have averaged 33.8 MPG on the interstate going 75 mph +. My son has a 2011 Acura TSX with the 4 cyl and his gas mileage is comparable to mine. I do not use the Eco mode. I don't like the shift pattern. Over all, I am thrilled with the mileage numbers in this car. My last car was a 2010 Acura TL all wheel drive and my mileage numbers for that car were about 17 in town and 24 on the highway. Huge difference and more cash in my pocket with the Accord V6.
  • evped2evped2 Member Posts: 21
    5000 miles on my EX 6 speed 4 cylinder. First few tanks were around 31-32 mpg. Mileage has improved to about 35 mpg overall probably due to the warmer weather (New England) and no more winter grade gas. I have found the average mpg indicator to be very accurate as compared to my own manual calculations. Best tank so far was 535 miles. I plan on a 600 mile tank this summer under ideal conditions. BTW I use the eco mode exclusively.
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