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2004 Sienna Limited or 2012 Grand Caravan

mattoneonesixmattoneonesix Member Posts: 1
2004 Toyota Sienna $10K Loaded Out 100,000 MIles VERY Clean
2012 Dodge Grand Caravan $14,500 35,000 Miles SXT model Power doors and hatch, cloth interior.

Both will loose $7K over 4 years.

What would you do?


  • jprocjproc Member Posts: 135
    well an 8 yr old newer car with 65k less miles for 4,500 seems 2 good to pass on. I have an 00 sienna and its been very reliable but with 100k miles the timing belt should have been changed at 90k spark plugs ditto-has that maintenance been done? Even if it has I'd go with the caravan-from experience with an old car stuff wears out-belts-struts shocks etc etc
  • boltunboltun Member Posts: 1
    Before buying Grand Caravan please check transmission problems for them. I had 1996 GC, and after 4-5 years transmission was gone when i was in NYC, enough far from home. A specialized transmission shop fixed it and i could come home. But only to get the same problem again. The repairing shop was a part of cross-country chain, so I fixed again for free, but i ma very suspicious against Dodge quality.
    From another point of view 35k for maximum 15 months could be got in high ways only. 100k for 12 years could be on town/city streets which is much worse. So i think real difference in mileage even more than 65 k.
    Therefore, please check what people said about transmission on fresh GC (2010-2012)
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    I had a similar situation two years ago between a 2004 Sienna and a 2007 Uplander. The Uplander had 55k miles and the Sienna had 133k miles. There was only a $1,000 difference in price. I went with the Uplander. Soon after buying the Uplander, the head gasket started leaking but fortunately it was covered by the powertrain warranty. The Uplander requires frequent brake service, otherwise its been a good van. Presently, I have 88k miles on the Uplander and engine and transmission work fine. No oil consumption and transmission shifts smoothly. I suggest you check the service history of both vehicles if available and check into the availability of a powertrain warrantty. Good luck.
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