Moving From a Truck and Car to an SUV/Crossover

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Just another discussion on what vehicle to get. I am of course doing my own research in the mean time, but thought I would gather some more opinions. Going with a new vehicle in this case.

Trading in an S10 and a Cadillac for a single vehicle (though I might get my old truck up and running eventually for big hauls). I've never bought an SUV (or a van or anything other than a car and truck really), so any help would be appreciated. Just at a quick glance I imagine a mid-size SUV is what I will be shooting for? [or some crossovers depending on their particular definition at the time =P]

Here are some things and their importance if that helps. My price range is likely going to be ~$30k. Cheaper is fine of course, and might be able to go a few over if need be, depending on the difference it will make.

Price: Around $30,000 or under

Seating: Not as big of a deal. Mainly for me and couple passengers. More won't hurt, as there are times I could save an extra vehicle, but it isn't a necessity.

Cargo: Since it is going to be the main vehicle, it will need enough room for the usual stuff of course - groceries and the like. I also take my mother around a lot and she uses a small electric scooter to get places, or a fold up wheelchair, and oxygen tanks.

Whether it is foldup back seats or just a more spacious trunk, having at least enough space for that sort of thing is crucial.

MPGs: I will be primarily driving through town, back and forth from work, the grocery, etc., though I often make trips an hour or two away for hospital appointments, parks, etc. Then again, I am often driving my truck, so I guess I am used to having to pay at the pump a good deal. =P

Off-Road: As mentioned, I am mostly on the good pavement. There are some rough roads where I live though, especially in the winter, but I don't really plan on taking it places like the commercials often show either.

Handling / AWD,4WD: This, on the other hand, is pretty important. I like to be able to take turns well (relatively of course) and there is often ice and snow coating the roads in the winter, so anything that can handle that would be much more preferable.

Extras: I guess that always depends on what is considered extra and what isn't.

My truck has nice old hand-cranked windows, a radio (no CD players here! ;) ), and a heater, and that worked well enough for me.

Safety features, such as rollover prevention and the like, are certainly welcome. Other extras just depend on the price and how much of a difference they will make, but I can't think of any off hand that would make or break a decision for me.

Thanks in advance for any comments or helpful info!


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    My Car Match is fun to play with and may trigger ideas you haven't considered.

    I carry a folding wheelchair a lot and it fits fine in a Buick sedan, a Subaru wagon and a minivan. That's probably going to hold true for any SUV or crossover you consider.

    A scooter would be difficult in anything we drive but the van, and the liftover height would be an issue even then. If your mom's scooter is a "two-piece" one, that might be okay, but my mom's never sees a car. But she's ambulatory for short distances anyway so the issue doesn't come up.
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    Yeah, it is one that breaks apart and the handle part can either fold down or come off as well as the seat (its just a light weight sort of scooter, though she has a battery powered wheelchair as well, but we don't take it anywhere, just for around the house though she rarely ever makes use of it).

    I imagine any that had a decent bit of space in the back or fold down seats would work fine with it, though I guess I could always measure it to be sure. Often times she uses the electric chairs in the stores, but sometimes they will be out, or if going elsewhere just to get out the scooter can be nice, though I can always push her wheelchair easily enough myself.

    Thanks for the thought, though, and I will also check out the car match to see what comes up =D
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