Weirdest Thing -- Lexus ES300 Starter Failure?

koala2koala2 Member Posts: 4
I have a 2002 ES300, almost 120k miles. Just had the 80k and 120k combined service last September including changed the timing belt, drive belt, etc, caused me $2k.

From day 1 after the service was done, there was some fast beeping sound when you step on the gas pedal (not step a little, not too much, just the middle of gas, especially when turning). They checked it twice but couldn't find anything. Now 4 months later this February, when the temp is below 32F, in the early morning when I turn on the engine, there was some belt rubbing sound. I thought was the engine belt's problem & then took it to the dealer. It's weird that day 1 they turned it on (that day was 50F), they didn't hear anything. Day 2 (when it's 30F) they turn it on & heard some noise, and when they turned it on again, the engine didn't start. They pushed the car to the shop & found out the starter has failed. The dealer agreed that it's weird but they asked for $500 (with the VIP discount) for replacing the starter.

How would it happen? The car has never failed to start to me & that morning it just happened there at the dealer? What are the symptoms for a starter failure? Is the rubbing sound from a failing starter? Another weird thing is when they did the 120k service, they said they rotated the tires but right now at my passenger side front tire, it was worn so much (much much more than the rest 3 tires). If they did rotate 4 months ago, I will assume that one of the back tires will have some worn at all?

They wanted me to get back to them by tomorrow. Any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations?

It's a 10 years old car with premium package (all leather seats, PGS, upgraded stereo, ect). If I trade it, how much will it worth? Thanks a lot!!


  • zrenaudzrenaud Member Posts: 2
    when i first got my es300 my started went on, no warning at all. wouldnt start. some how jumped it. it started couple times after that, and went to go start it one more time and wouldnt happen. all in the same day, i asked a buddy that works on lexus and toyota and he said those are like that, just go out one day.
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