2014 RDX Availability date

troymichaeltroymichael Member Posts: 18
First thank you all that have posted a wealth of info here. Anyone have any idea of when the 2014 models will be available? I Believe the 2013 came out around april.

I am hoping soon. I like this car but my wife wants rear AC vents and auto rear hatch (only available on tech option).

I am thinking perhaps this may change with the 2014 model and if not hopefully when the come out the 2013 pricing could be a bit better.



  • jbaum86jbaum86 Member Posts: 15

    I haven't taken delivery on the 2013 I bought over the weekend, now what do I do?
  • beach15beach15 Member Posts: 1,305
    Pick up your 2013 and enjoy.

    It is extremely early in the model year to see a 2014 yet at this point, and the only difference from 2013 to 2014 for the RDX is Amber Brownstone replaced by darker Kona Coffee color, and the price raised. Take advantage of the offers on the 2013 right now, as inventory is already slimming and any of these offers were already unnecessary given the current RDX sales volume.
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