Chevy Blazer Canopy ID?

spiblazerspiblazer Member Posts: 2
Hi Guys,
Can anyone tell me what this canopy fits. I was told it was about a 77? or 87? blazer. I'm looking to sell it and it is fiberglass and 6 feet long. Any idea of value as well? It's in average shape with some fiberglass cracks, missing window etc.

How do I add a picture????



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    If it's something like this craigslist ad, it's probably not worth a whole lot.

    You can use the IMG button to post a pic but you'll need a place to host the photos (Flickr,, etc.).
  • spiblazerspiblazer Member Posts: 2
    thanks Steve, yeah it's kinda similar to that but with a roof rack and rear spoiler, might be a slightly diff year but very close. Thanks very much for the reply and yeah hardly worth anything.
    Appreciate it!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    If you do a craigslist ad and no one bites, try a truck accessory store that sells caps. Sometimes they'll take an old one and put in inventory and give you a little bit, or take it on consignment. They can clean them up and paint to match if the right vehicle comes in and make a few hundred bucks. There's so many bed sizes out there though, it's often hard to find a match.
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