Cavalier '00 2.2 OHV Wont Start PLEASE HELP ASAP

johnie_markojohnie_marko Member Posts: 1
My car wont start it turns over but wont ignite.

1.) Weve used a spark checker to eliminate any electrical problem.
2.) Changed the spark plugs as well.
3.) We found the compression to be good in each valve.

We assume its a fuel problem.. does anyone have any experience with troubleshooting a SFI? Should/How do we disconnect the fuel rail? Do I need to remove the resonator to get to it?

My haynes book really sucks is very confusing regarding the fuel systems and mostly describes the other engine models in the fuel chapter.

I really am trying to get this done today please help!
Thanks everyone


  • irobdonirobdon Member Posts: 2
    Hi I have a 95 Cavalier that is very hard to start as soon as the weather gets colder. If I plug the block heater in it starts fine. Starts great in summer. Have changed the coolant temp sensor, 02 sensor, cold air intake sensor. New fuel pump and filter a couple months ago. The car runs great . Just won`t start in the cold. Please Help. Oh ya it has a new battery and turns over fine.
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