2006 Sonata V4 Electrical Problem?

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Hi All ,

So recently purchased my 2006 Sonata V4 for a very resonable price, replaced engine, which I knew would be an issue given that I had got the vehicle for such an amazing deal, car has 114,000 miles on it. I moved from Virginia, where they don't do emissions to atlanta, where they do. After attempting to get my emission done, the tech stated that my car is not reading with there emission machine. I've take it to multiple shops and the all said the same thing. I noticed that sometimes my left signal blinks fast, my car won't start at times (as if its waiting for some signal), my back doors won't unlock all the time (via the switch), and when I power the car off everything does not cut off at once all the time, its like the radio, then a couple of seconds later the inside lights do (weird, huh). I do not now nor have I ever had my check engine light to come on, even after the new engine was put in.

I have taken my car to Hyundai for a diagnosis, which they said that they are not sure what the definite problem is, also stated that they would have to start with replacing the fusebox, but that may not be the answer. That itself was $800+, which I do not have for maybe's. The car runs awesome, when it starts. I also notice on some colder days it will not start either.

I took my car to another electrical shop and they stated that there was some kind of wire missing in my harness, but stated that I should go to the dealership, for a second opinion. As we all know the dealership is quite pricey, and they never seen to tell you if its just something simple. They'd rather toy you around, and break your pockets. But I guess that business, huh!

I need of help/expertise, and or advice, PLEASE!!!


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    I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX and I have had nothing but problems since I purchased the vehicle back in 2008! I also have the same problems your experiencing as well as water coming in under my dash board so I'm at risk of being electrocuted, plus mold from the carpets being wet all the time and had to replace my brake pads, collibrator, and other parts at my own expense because they malfunctioned several times- I had the throttle body kit go three times now.... and I'm also am involved in the class action lawsuit for the air bags... but was told by Hyundai today that they are now refusing to fix my problem because the car as over 105K on it- even though I have been fighting with them over 3 years about this and my other problems! I would have been settled if they said sorry and offered to replace my car... all they had to do if they replaced my car at no charge for a safe one, I would have dropped everything- now they want to play hardball!
    I am NOW seeking legal action against the company for an assault and rape when I could not lock my doors or roll up my windows because the damn buttons don't work on the panel!
    Contact a laywer... make them pay! Its not right or fair! I can't take the rape meds due to allergy- now I'm at a risk of HIV and other STD's... do something about it NOW before you or a loved one ends up hurt like I did! Don't let them get away with hurting anyone else! I bought the car originally thinking it was a safe car to protect myself and my family if we ever got into an accident and to have the power to drive on the highways with all the trucks... I thought it was a SAFE car... I never thought I would have experienced HALF the problems I have with it... please... please... we need people to speak up and hold them accountable!">link title
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