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2013 Odyssey vs 2013 Sienna vs 2013 Town And Country



  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    That news in not new. Honda cars are a piece of junk and just wondering why they keep on soaring in sales,is it because of their modern and sleek design
    and buyers just forgot about quality and reliabilty concerns.A neighbour of mine had a 2002 honda odyssey and having transmission problem at around 150,000 kms (93,750 miles) that cost him around $4000 for the repair done in 2009.Now it's the engine that's leaking in his driveway and to add to that the almost every year brake problems.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • You'd be well advised not to try and outrun any of the 2011 and up Chrysler minivans with either a Honda or a Toyota. You'd lose!

    I don't know where Edmunds got their acceleration times for the Chrysler minivans, but it's obvious they never actually drove one! The 3.6 engine with the six-speed trans will run away from any other minivan out there. I've got a neighbor with a new, 2013 Toyota..., and it's nice..., but very 'plasticky', (to coin a word), all over the inside. I will admit it may be a touch quieter, but it has more wind noise than my Chrysler and my brothers 2012 Honda Odyssey that he used to brag about doesn't seem so quick to him anymore, and he does have the one with the six-speed trans.!

    It's not that any of these three vehicles, or the others from Nissan and a couple of others that don't come to mind, are 'sport sedans', but they are far better than most people realize. Back when I was a lot younger, I used to race an A Production Corvette in the SCCA..., so I DO know what I'm talking about.

    As for resale value..., yes it is less, but you also pay much less for a vehicle with the same or better content than the Honda and Toyota that some of the 'consumer magazines' just love to rave about!

    Fiat just announced a new engine for their Maserati line..., a 3.2 liter V-6 that puts out over 410 HP. It's based on the Chrysler Pentastar!
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    For years I listen to Honda and Toyota owners talk about how great their mini vans were compared to Chrysler's. I had a 2005 Dodge GC for years and there wasn't a lot to brag about besides Stow N Go. But that all changed in this 5th generation of Chrysler mini vans. Yes, in some ways, Honda and Toyota still have a (small) advantage ove the Chrysler minivans. But on a whole, the new style Chrysler vans can stack up with any of them. That includes power, safety and looks. There isn't anything Chrysler didn't improve in these vans over the older style. To top it off, they are beautiful inside. My 2013 Chrysler TC L has so many safety features it blows my mind. They even thought of things I never dreamed would enter their mind, like storage place for umbrellas and a built in self charging flash light. I love the blind spot warning system and the Cross Path detector and warning system. They have kept me out of trouble several times already.
    They made the middle fold down seats softer and wider and they fold down easier.

    I could care less about seating for 8. Have yet to even carry 7 in my van. But With 3 children and 11 grand kids, I use Stow N Go a lot. That is something none of the others have and what sets Chrysler mini vans apart from all the rest. I could care less if one can go from 0-60, one or two seconds faster. I try and drive mine as easy as I can to save gas. I only stomp on it when I need that extra get up and go and Chrysler has that too. This is the best mini van Chrysler has ever made. I can't think of anything they left out that I'd want.
  • I hear the present town and country van is going away to take the place of the Durango what then the Dodge grand caravan? I need a van Looks like Honda Or toyota only vans to look at and the future of Chrysler and Fiat worry me when I hear Dodge name could be going Away How much longer is the Import from Detroit going to be around I would love to look at one but will it be here 5 years from now any helpful responses would be nice Thanks
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    I heard that Chrysler will continue to produce T/C but will stop the Caravan.Sharing my experience re the T/C,i purchased a 2011 T/C touring model on August 2011, exactly two years now at 51,200 kms. mileage at present (32,000 miles ?).This minivan is very reliable and powerful and doesn't give me any headache at all.I'm just hoping the good performance of this van will continue for years and just planning to keep it for a long time. My neighbor has a 2012 Honda Odyssey LE he leased last year but to tell you the truth he visited already to his dealer several times regarding some complaints of his van...and regarding Toyota Sienna i heard that it is not really doing well ranging from less power and failed fuel efficiency. You will only know how well really your vehicle is doing based on performance and reliability after driving it for several months or years That's why i don't really mind those reviews made by Automotive Review organizations like example,my other van which i am using until now since buying it in 2001,a Pontiac Montana EXT 8 seater,on it is 251,000 kms.(157,000 miles).Everything that are major parts of the van are still original like the 3.4.L engine and auto-transmission and never been repaired nor changed,though it got a low review from the Review bodies.Another neighbor's 2002 Honda Odyssey at 150,000 kms blew-up its auto-transmission that cost him around $ 3,500 to $4,000 fro repair.Considering the harsh climate here in Canada where i live,both 2011 Town and Country and 2001 Pontiac Montana in view are the most reliable vehicles i ever had.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    I really don't worry about what is going to happen to Chrysler Corp. They will be around for a long time. Fiat came through at the right time to help Chrysler where they needed it the most, a new, fuel efficient four cylinder engine to compete with the other auto companies. They didn't have enough money to develop one themselves.

    What they are going to do in the mini van field, I'm not sure, but I am sure Chrysler will have one to offer. I'd rather see it be a Chrysler mini van than Dodge. They are classier looking. It could be that Chrysler is planning to drop the Dodge name, as they now call the Doge trucks, Ram trucks.

    But as what to buy, I think that depends on how you want to use your mini van and how long you want to keep it. If it's just hauling people and you want to keep it only a few years, Toyota or Honda would be your best choices. Same thing if you need seats for eight. They hold their value longer. Although I think these new Chrysler mini vans will keep their value better than the older ones did and you will get more for your money with a Chrysler mini van.. My choosing Chrysler mini vans is because of stow and go. I don't use my van to just haul people. I have put dressers, chests, 4x8 pieces of plywood in them, I even carried my new dishwasher and refrigerator I keep in the garage in it. It's an apartment size refrig. It saves me time and money paying delivery fees. My old Dodge was a work horse. I bought a steel ramp since my Sister began using a wheel chair to get around. I have easily been able to put that in my new Chrysler mini van and take her places she wants to go, but can't walk it. So I really think it depends on what your going to use your mini van for. Let that be your deciding factor, not whether Chrysler will be around or not. They will be.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    We are on our 4th Chrysler minivan since 1990 (would be 3rd, but our 2nd was totaled by a lady on her cell phone running a red light; luckily, no injuries). If and when Chrysler announces the last year of producing the T&C, I will most definitely buy a fully loaded Limited model before they are all gone.
  • Hi Marine2 thank you for your response I really like hearing from people that drive these vans. All I get is how BAD Chrysler Vans are but they are everywhere you go. I love the room I have in my 03 honda but The Town and country Has very much improved, Again any help from actual owners Help Thanks Again
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    Chrysler Town and Country is the best minivan you can buy today...power,hi-tech,flexibility and class...
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    Chrysler has had a few problems down through the years, but I am so impressed at how they have upgraded almost everything on this 2011-2013 model. The fit and finish, inside and out is outstanding. There is no comparison to the looks of the 2013 Chrysler TC and my old 2005 Dodge GC. The wood grain look on dash and doors looks so real. I finish that look off by buying a wood grain kit to go around the video screen, A/C and heater controls, shifter, door switches, glove box handle and air vents. It really looks sharp. The T/C takes no back seat to Honda, Toyota or Nissan. If your thinking of adding anything to your T/C, I highly recommend the wood grain kit. It covers all the black and looks just like the wood grain Chrysler puts on the T/C.
  • I talked to a sales rep here at a local chrysler dealer and was told the Town & Country is the Bread And Butter of the company And has not heard about any changes in the near future. Although he said He will Not say it cant happen that is just the nature of the buisness. It was encourging to hear of the Bumper to Bumper coverage up to 100000 miles nothing to sneeze at :)
  • i myself is the proud owner of a 2011 T/C has the same engine,exterior and interior looks as with the 2012 to 2014 models but Chrysler added more luxurious features in their latest T/C now has a mileage reading of 56,000 kms(35,000 miles)driven for more than 2 years now but still everything seems very good with the noticed that gave a low grade to T/C compared to Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna but try to visit and you will see that the Town and Country was well ahead in comparison to both Odyssey and comparison i think the people that comprises are more reliable and experienced than those in can even check their bio's in their website ( is under the hood of High Gear Media-their parent company)---as for you don't know who gave the review... the review is not transparent....
    I have an 05 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with 122k miles on it that has been nothing but flawless and just purchased a 2011 T/C Limited with 27k miles and expect it to be the same. Both of these vans are better than either Honda or Toyota in my book.
  • Hi JIMBOY2 thanks again for the info on the T/C I still have 1 plus years warrenty on my transmission so I will drive my 03 honda at least that long but I will keep looking for future posts thanks again to everybody for giving me the Real Story
  • tknxtknx Posts: 1
    Planning on buying a Limited and thinking about using a broker. There are a couple around here that are 2011s/2012s for ~34k around here and I just don't have the time to go and negotiate down...
  • jimboy2jimboy2 Posts: 12
    you don't need a broker....just go to the dealer and negotiate it yourself.but before you do that, try searching the internet...i presumed model 2012 has more features than 2011 give you some inputs ,i bought my own 2011 T/C touring in the same year for $30,000 at 2.99% interest rate payable for 7 years which i think a good deal
  • When looking at a Toyota or Chrysler vs. Honda, please be advised of the oil consumption issue that has led to a class action suit in October 2013 with details at I have a 2010 Odyssey that consumed 3.85 quarts of oil through the dealership’s oil consumption test. Honda did a computer upgrade, but it still consumed 1.5 quarts in less than 4,000 miles. The official word from Honda was relayed to me 11/4/13 by a service manager at Classic Honda in Streetsboro, Ohio: Honda does not feel my issue warrants repairs at this time even though it has 53K miles and is still covered by the power train warranty. In other words, they indirectly told me to buy oil in bulk and deal with the issue myself. This settlement will reimburse customers for previous expenses and extend the power train warranty to 8 years, but they do not seem willing to actually fix the problem for me. Bottom line, this settlement proves to me that Honda was well aware of the issue with the 6 cylinder VCM engines for a long time, and now they do not feel the need to stand behind the product they sold me or those sold to others. I wish I had bought the Toyota or Chrysler. Buyers beware!
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    Chrysler Pentastar V-6 Engine Repeats With "Ten Best Engines ... Cached
    Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 cited for exceptional fuel economy, emissions and power Chrysler's Pentastar engine once again recognized by the editors of Ward's Automotive ...
  • .....that's what i'm telling all the time that when one chooses a vehicle you don't choose it because of the good looks like comparing a Honda Odyssey vs.Toyota Sienna vs. Chrysler Town and Country but choose it based on actual owners reviews after one or two years of owning it and actually driving it UNLIKE what some automotive review organizations were doing...i think the only reliable review i can follow is from
  • stockdoxstockdox Posts: 14

    I have driven all three. All things being equal, I like the Sienna the best. The Honda Odyssey is the priciest and not really the best. They have had issues. I am a Honda product fan. I have owned 3 Acura's and am driving an Accord but I would not buy the Odyssey. I have friends that owned the Odyssey and say they will never buy another Honda product again. When I test drove the Odyssey years ago I did not like the ride and did not like the expensive price. I bought a low mileage T&C and in spite of some issues with it, I found it was a very good vehicle at a fantastic price. 11 years later it is time to replace it. As my wife loves and uses the T&C, I doubt she will want to buy anything else. In terms of value, it is hard to beat the T&C. People can knock it that have never owned the T&C and say well it isn't really that reliable but the fact is that I replaced the tranny once under warranty in 150,000 miles and before my friends Odyssey had 150000 on it they had replaced it for the 2nd time and junked it on the third. Look up how many Odyssey owners have had problems with VCM. I personally feel more comfortable with a Japanese nameplate because that is what I have owned but my wife has a different opinion and it is pretty hard to argue with her opinion that life with the T&C has been pretty good. We are test driving T&C's right now and they have come a long ways.

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