Azera 2013 - rust patch on hood

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Hi Guys,
Just leased a new Azera 2013 2 weeks ago and there's a 3 inch diameter rust patch after appearing on the hood after a night of 12 inch snowfall here in Boston. Either that or an acidic bird dropping caused it. Roll on the blame game at the dealership. Had a 2012 sonata before it and got rust speckles on roof. What is going on? Will the standard Hyundai warranty cover this or what should I expect?
see rust pic


  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    maybe brake fluid dripped on hood during transport....
  • howie2013howie2013 Member Posts: 3
    As it turns out it appears to be rust dust that must have dropped on the car i.e. drop of rusty water that landed on the protective film on the front section of the hood The film absorbed the rust strangely..porous film? Anyway a hassle free no cost replacement of protective film will be installed by the dealership...apparently. Hopefully i wont be getting this done on a monthly basis with bird poop etc
    Will report back.Hope this post helps others.
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