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2014 Audi A4

hpmctorquehpmctorque Member Posts: 4,600
I read in AutoWeek that the next generation A4 will offer a 2.0 diesel. It'll be interesting to follow the news releases regarding the 2014 A4 to learn what other changes this new model will feature.


  • terrytadterrytad Member Posts: 1
    I just saw a 2014 a4 at local dealer.
    I am confused that in reading various articles I thought it was going to have significant changes. Did not appear much different than 2013.
    The articles showed pics of a revised body style, much lighter and even more horsepower.
    The articles also suggested a release in 2014 rather than late summer 2013
    Is this 2014 an interim release with a revised model coming end of this year or next.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    The significant changes will happen in calendar year 2014 and the car that we will see with those significant changes will be for model year 2015.
  • kmurkmur Member Posts: 36
    There are a lot of nice cosmetic changes for 2014, including a free S-line upgrade with Premium Plus. Drive Select comes standard with Sport Package. And a small HP bump.
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