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lincoln ls vibration

bbackzbbackz Member Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Lincoln
2002 lincoln ls v6, when i bought the car it had a vibration when i started to slow down NOT WHEN I HIT THE BRAKES
just decelerating.
it was at about 40-50 mph, as soon as i would hit the gas, it would stop
now, it does it at all speeds accept at 70+
cant tell if vibration is front or rear seams like whole car.
have done the following
replaced all lose upper/lower balljoints/control arms.
replaced a wheel hub.
replaced front tie rods
replaced all stabalizer bars
swapped out the 20's that were on it for stock 17inch alloys
good tires.
hasnt changed a bit. someone help me with this lol


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    akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    I'm guessing driveshaft out of balance or bad u-joints.
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    toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    I had an '05 LS that did the same thing, vibration between around 40-60 mph, it was worse in cold weather. The LS has a driveshaft that is bolted to the Trans and rear end, and has a U-joint in the middle with a center bearing. I had a shop check it, they traced it to either the bearing or u- joint, I never did have it fixed, ended up trading the car. I remember on some LS forums, others had the same problem.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
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    tom03lincolntom03lincoln Member Posts: 2
    Have a simalair situation with my 03' LS. I have a shudder that feels like it goes throughout the car from 45-55mph. Doesn't matter if I'm accelerating or braking past them speeds. It comes and goes, but mine also does it between 15-20mph all the time. Took it to a mechanic to just look over to see what I was getting myself into. He checked everything and even hooked the computer to it while driving. Narrowed it down to the driveshaft or transmission. Said he'd start with the shaft, joints, and bushings. Just to eliminate that out of the equation before digging into the tranny (starting with a tranny flush and good look at the torque converter). Hope this helps. I guess I've just been playing process of elimination. Started by getting it on a code reader. Only thing mine threw was a coil code. Replaced the coil, cover gaskets and plugs. 
    Keep me updated if u come across anything please. I'm in the same boat. 
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    hotlinchotlinc Member Posts: 7
    I have a 2000 LS and a vibration that i could feel in the "seat" turned out to be the "Carrier Bearing" between the 2 driveshafts. When your shop does this repair (and any good mechanic/auto body shop will do) - make sure they mark where all the driveshaft bolts are mounted with mulit-colored paint to ensure they are put back exactly - as this is all balanced custom -per each car.
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