2008 Scion xB List of Problems pre-75K miles!

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Rear rotors and pads at approx. 25K, 50K, again at 60K (Firestone paid parts AND labor for this one as it was just shy of one year). Extended warranty paid for one new rear caliper at about 70K. Stuck caliper slides may have been part of the wear problem, not sure. Expect the other will be due soon!

Front brakes at 60K (did these myself with help of a friend).

VSC/ABS/Brake lights on: Ext. Warranty paid for two new rear wheel bearings/speed sensors. Grinding sound also was present!

Car now in shop at about 72.6K miles for failed power steering. Probably the ECU, though waiting to learn, intermittent VSC/ABS/Brake lights (probably front speed sensors), the 2 recalls, and a dash light out (as long as they will prbobably need to pull the dash anyway for the PS Computer)!

Stock tires were gone by 30K!

Asked dealer to have a Zone Rep. call me. Apparently Scion/Toyota doesn't have such things. Called customer DIS-Service & asked them to pay for my rental car. No such luck!

Thank G-d I bought the IWS (Intercontenental Warranty Services) warranty from my credit union. Paid $945 with tax. Already at about $1,250 in covered repairs. Fortunately, all the issues I am having are known issues, so they don't argue. I understand they pull up a screen on the car, see it is on the list, and just agree to pay for it!

Of course all these items are safety related! Wonder how those people sleep at night?!?


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    Yep! Power steering ECU needed. Dealer covering car "rental" as a "loaner" as a courtesy, and because the extra day is needed because they didn't order the part proactively as I requested and surprise! It turned out to be the part which was needed! (I would have been happy to pay freight to return it if not needed!).

    IWS warranty covering it! Unfortunately they are begging off on the left rear speed sensor wiring harness, claiming corrosion as the cause! Dealer wants $170 for this one, including labor. Part is $39 online. I will buy it and give it to Firestone to install at next oil change, since I paid for diagnostics on this one and they could't find the issue. Pretty sure that will work!
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