01 saturn lw300 3 liter 80k miles vs subaru outback 2.5 liter 200k miles

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Hi. I need a cheap station wagon thats going to survive the thousands of miles I'm going to put on it across the states and Canada, its got to be good on gas too and low maintenance. I found the 2 wagons above for 2300 and I'm trying to choose. The subaru I believe is a better built car but its got lots of miles on it and got a bit of rust and tear while the Saturn is at a better condition at the moment, from reading some reviews I'm not sure if its going to last.
There is also a 99 Volvo v70 with 130k miles for 2500 which I can only look at tomorrow.
What do you recommend?


  • dmuzykadmuzyka Member Posts: 31
    You don't say what year the Subie is. However, that model and engine Saturn was highly prone to engine and transmission malfunctions. And while I adored our bought-new 1998 S70 Volvo, at 72,000 it needed $10k worth of work (AC, trans & ABS).

    We took a bath and bought a Highlander.

    So, by default, the Subie seems your best bet. I don't own one, but am about to close on the deal for a '13 Outback. I've researched for over a year now, and the Outback just impresses me more each time I revisit which new car I'll purchase.
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    Old post, but I would consider either a Buick Century or Olds Ciera wagon. They're cheap to buy, lots of parts available, and GM's 3100 V6 is a decent engine. Good luck.
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