Odyssey vs. Quest vs. Sedona

kgs_03kgs_03 Member Posts: 1
I am intending to buy a minivan to meet my family needs. I do know that Honda Odyssey stands out as top of the list. But I somehow seem to like Nissan Quest.

I am in tight budget and cannot spend anything more than 8000 - 9000 USD.

I am looking at low maintenance cost, good resale value and overall good performance. Which one would you suggest me between Sedona / Odyssey / Quest.


  • rockmobilerockmobile Member Posts: 115
    edited April 2013
    My number one choice would be a used Odyssey, but notice that certain years have been troublesome for the Odyssey, and also the Sedona.
    Third generation Quests, which is probably what you are looking at, have a terrible reputation - who knows, you may get lucky, but I would not take any chances. I have a second generation Quest (1999) and it's been one of the best vehicles I ever had, but they are at the end of their life cycle.
    Good luck.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Member Posts: 712
    How come no Toyota Sienna? I would focus on Sienna and Odyssey if you are worried about reliability. I would stay away from the Sedona.
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