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I would first like to say my 90 Mustang has been a great car. Little to no major problems. Just pretty much been keeping up with routine maintenance. It has 167,000 miles.

My problem is a couple of weeks ago some electronics( circuit boards with no coverings- i don't know where the coverings went- I didn't do anything with them) fell and where dangling by their wires. It was interfereing with me using my clutch so I pulled over along side the road and tried pushing them to the side. I made contact and sparks went flying. Amazingly enough no damage was done to the board( not even a blown fuse). I of course had it checked by a mechanic and he gave the OK.

Since the car is old and I am replacing it within the month the mechanic just put a make-shift covering over the circuit board and tried taping it to the firewall to get it out of the way of my clutch. This isn't working well. Every other day it seems to fall. I only need to make it another month, maybe month and a half, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I also thought it was kinda a funny story.



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    Kim, if the board is now covered and insulated secure it (them?) to a convenient wiring harness or instrument panel brace with a nylon cable tie.
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    When I looked underneath the only place I could find to secure them would be along the left side maybe behind the paneling( it extends a little and the stuff can be jammed back in there. Is there anything I can damage by doing this? Overheating the electronics??? I think I could take a hole punch and make a hole in the plastic paneling and then secure the items that way with a plastic tie wrap.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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