Tie down points for kayak roof carriers

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We have a 2013 Highlander Limited. We have installed 2 kayak racks on the roof rack . We are having trouble finding a hook/metal hole under the front of the car for the tie down. Everything is plastic under the fender.

The rear has one hook visible but we are looking for a second.

Can anyone help with this and perhaps post a photo of the recommended tie down points?

Thank you!


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    Welcome to "modern" cars. Even my '99 minivan suffers from that.

    I use the single tie-down in the back for all my boats and that works fine. For the front, I put a loop of perlon rope in a "structural" area near the radiator. The loop sticks out when I need it but tucks under the hood otherwise. It's short and doesn't interfere with any moving (or hot) parts.

    Both front and rear tie-down points are on the passenger side of my cars. So one boat rides on the passenger side if it's the only one. For two or three boats, the boat on the driver's side just ties down on the diagonal to the tie-downs on the passenger side. That has the advantage of leaving less rope in front of the driver's field of vision.

    I have pics but I'm traveling and the pics aren't on my laptop.
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    Perlon (or other strong cord) looped around good support in engine compartment with a fisherman's bend knot:


    Ready to tie off to a painter:


    When the boats come off, the loop tucks into the gap and isn't visible. It's accessible with your fingers although sometimes it's easier just to pop the hood to grab the loop.
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    Had the same problem on our 2008 highlander.

    The solution is to buy a second tow bolt from Toyota. There is one on either side of the front bumper. (covered by a little plastic cover) The eye bolt is about 70 bucks from the dealer. Use it to tie down a 18.5 f">t Sea Clipper canoe. Take a look, they are just inside from the driving lights.
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