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Porsche Macan: the Baby Cayenne

transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
Spy pictures and videos of the 2014 Porsche Macan are all over the Web. Porsche officials are indicating that the Macan will be considerably more sporty (i.e. have higher skid pad scores) than either the BMW X3 or Audi Q5. Gasoline, Diesel, and Hybrid models will be available on launch, with (maybe) a PHEV later. Base price will be approx. $39000 but you should expect to add approx. $15000 for desirable options. I find this to be very exciting: a super-handling AWD compact luxury SUV with great fuel economy. Perhaps Edmunds will set up a separate forum for those interested in the Macan, but in the meantime it seems appropriate to post here in the Cayenne forum.


  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    This is probably the most detailed information currently on the Web about the Macan:
  • transpowertranspower Member Posts: 213
    Just as the new Panamera will offer a PHEV version replacing the current hybrid, so will the Macan. Supposedly, charging from a 240 volt line will just take only 2 hours or so. topic21.html
  • steviej1steviej1 Member Posts: 3
    Hello wise people!
    Need to be brought back in from the side of the pool. I've always wanted the cayenne but never could afford the price tag, however I have seen a couple 2006 for 1500-1700 grand and suddenly my eyes lite up. I currently have a Mercedes c class 2004 wagon 18-23 mph. Like it for the ability to bring my 2 huskies along. The family car is a 2004 x5 and the cargo space is limited when I bring the dogs along. So would it be foolish to trade in the wagon and buy a 2006
    I'm torn as might tell.(x5 is the wife"car)
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