Not sure if it is ABS, Traction Control, or both

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I have a 2009 Impala with 3500.
When I take off, ususally after backing out of the driveway or parking spot, and only during these extreme slow speeds (turning or straight doesn't change anything), my ABS kicks in and slows the car. I noticed my traction control light comes on with the sound effects associated with such an activity, so out of curiosity, I turned off the traction control. With the TC off, the car NEVER has this problem. I have taken it to a couple of mechanics, and they like replacing the bearing hub assembly (front driver side) thinking it is the speed sensors. I have taken one mechanic for a ride with the computer hooked up and all 4 speed sensors were tracking correctly. But I still had the problem. I have even taken the car to my local dealership (while it was still under warranty), and they couldn't reproduce the problem. Imagine that! There aren't any codes associated with the event. Would anyone have any suggestions on where to start?
To make things even more curious, the warmer the weather gets, the worse it gets. During the winter, I rarely have this problem.


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    Are all of the tires the same? How about the rims and the treads?

    If any of these are different from each other, that can be why the ABS light is on.

    OR, it can be a problem with the transmission differential.
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    The wheels and the tires are the same and in good shape. The ABS light does not come on, just the TC light.
    I wonder if it was the differential, wouldn't it have that issue all the time and not just be under a specific set of circumstances?
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    Question: "I wonder if it was the differential, wouldn't it have that issue all the time and not just be under a specific set of circumstances?"

    Response: No, the problems could associated with the differential because the problems always come up at low speeds when you're turning or the problem could be in logic strategy for the ABS or TC system.
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    Any suggestions on how I can test for this?
  • yourmechanicyourmechanic Member Posts: 17
    There should be a posi traction/limited slip differential which is part of the transmission where you can check for damage, but it's deep inside the transmission.

    On the other hand, the problem you're facing could be a normal behavior of the vehicle because of the condition that the car is moving in. Some car's computing system can't tell that the driver is making really tight turns. Based on the turn, the wheels are going at different speeds and will start skipping a little at one point which creates the squeaky noise; therefore, TC light will come on to stop the wheel from spinning and slipping.
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    This is a nightmare
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    I Highly dout that you have any transmission problems... i have seen many of these problems in the ABS system activating.... speed sensors when you replace them my not always respond correctly also. many times i have driven a car watching the scanner and speeds close enough to where you wont see a problem finding out witch one is the problem is you would need to use a lab scope or take readings from a dvom in Hz scale. if by chance they turn out to be the same or ok. chances or you have a problem in the harness from the abs module to the sensor i have had that same type of car with that problem look closly at the connectors to the sensor for corosion or ANY DISCOLORATION. and resistance in the loop A and B to module. u my not see it but at that connector a good indication u my need to do both sides good luck
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    This is also true.
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