2007 Forester LL Bean with a blown head gasket

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Just wanted to Share with anyone that looking at purchasing a Subaru. Please Do NOT without a warning. what was to be fixed in 2005 the Known Head gasket issue is still THERE! currently in my Family we own 3 Subarus 2007 forester, 2009 Outback and a 2011 legacy, The 2007 forester at 85,000 was noticed by dealer the head gasket was leaking oil and told me to monitor. Now at 115,00 I have antifrreeze leaking at the heads as well. seem to be all external but still the same $2500 to fix as the others. Once i noticed this I desided to look at the 2009 and 2011. And sure S*** the 2009 with 68,000 miles is leaking oil not to the extent of the 2007 but still leaking. The dealer may say seeping but whatever, last I know there was no specification on allowable oil to seep from Subaru. Guess I'll just figure the 2011 once it hits 60,000 it will start to. They market these cars as long lasting. Well any car will be long lasting putting the money in repairs as you do subaru. Thought Subaru also sold under Eco friendly how friendly is a quart of oil in 1,300 miles and a gallon of Antifreeze every 6,000 miles dripped unto the ground.

Just my rant! If i stop one subaru sale I will feel i good about my poor judgement to purchase one.


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    Head gasket issue is still THERE!

    Not possible on the newer FB25 engines.

    The EJ25 engines had issues, but the coolant doesn't even flow through the heads on the FB series of engines, so that's not even possible. The heads have their own separate lines for coolant.

    So you can't have fluids leaking if they're not flowing there in the first place.
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    Spoken like a true subaru salesman, if you read my post the 2009 in leaking oil and YES the FB motors can still get external blown head gasket that will leak oil and even develop a internal leak causing Engine damage by leaning out the cylinder with air. The 2007 is a EJ25 and that just leaks everything at 90,000 miles. Subaru has not stood behind there products or the people who purchased their vehical in good faith after subaru stated in 2005 the problem had been solved. go head anyone wishing google Subaru head gaskets even on 2009 and up you'll see plenty of rants and thousands of head gaskets problems worldwide. SUBARU = OVER RATED!!!! Next time you hear someone raving about their Subaru ask them how much in repairs or even maintainance they have paid. The 2007 Forester I have was dealer serviced since the day purchased adding another $3,500 to the price with that cost for maintainance and still Head gasket problems. SAD
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    The 2009 models had the EJ engine, not the FB.

    No gasket failures and my family has owned:

    98 Forester
    00 Outback
    01 Outback (dad still has it)
    02 Legacy
    03 Forester (sis still has it)
    04 Legacy (totalled)
    09 Forester (wife's car)
    11 Forester (brother's car)

    That's 16 head gaskets due to the boxer design with zero leaks.

    thousands of head gaskets problems worldwide

    True, but out of hundreds of thousands of vehicles.


    Over Stated is more like it. :P
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    I had zero added cost of maintainance for the head gaskets up until they went out at 200,000 miles. Then it was $1500 to have both sides done on a 2001 Outback. A 12 year old car with now 210K+ miles. Still goes through snow, and rain better than most new cars. Not overrated. Disappointing with the head gaskets, but still relatively cheap over 12 years of ownership.
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    No gasket failures and my family has owned ... Obviously YMMV.

    100% headgasket failure and my family has owned ...

    1989 GL-10 Turbo 1.8L
    1989 GL-10 Turbo 1.8L
    1996 Outback 2.5L DOHC
    2002 Outback 2.5L SOHC
    2003 Outback 2.5L SOHC
    2005 Outback 2.5L SOHC

    Crossing fingers on the following:

    2011 Outback 2.5L EJ25
    2012 Outback 2.5L EJ25
    2012 Impreza 2.0L FB20
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    "The EJ25 engines had issues, but the coolant doesn't even flow through the heads on the FB series of engines, so that's not even possible. The heads have their own separate lines for coolant."

    Coolant does flow through the heads of the FB series, as it must for cooling.
    But it does not come from the block past the head gaskets. As you say, the coolant for the heads comes through separate lines off the water pump.
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    I meant from the block to the heads, i.e. through the head gaskets. No holes in the gaskets for coolant flow.

    Dave - you have seriously bad luck!
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    And you, AJ, have seriously good luck!

    It really is a common problem. That's why Subaru uses "stop leak" products standard in their coolant on that block. If they didn't think it to be so serious, they wouldn't bother with it.

    It's unfortunate that the OP has had these issues with his car, but it's just one of those risks of car ownership.... machines break.
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    Luck with Subies...I had rodents eat the wiring harness in my Toyota. :(
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