2014 Tacoma redesign??

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Anyone find a legitimate posting on if the 2014 Tacoma will be a redesign not just a refresh from the 2013? The only thing I've found are the spam types of web pages talking about the 2014 but they don't look legit.



  • kreuzerkreuzer Member Posts: 131
    The only things I've seen are speculation. THose sources say Toyota promises better fuel economy with both the V6 and 4 cyl. engines along with direct injection. They say the 4cyl. should get 30 mpg and the V6 should get 26 mpg. But, whose to say if this is bogus info., too.

    I, for one, would like Toyota to bring back the option of a bench seat and gear shift on the column to allow 3 people to sit in a single cab configuration. But, it seems not that popular anymore with the younger generation of buyers who go for the extended cab and double cabs. I just want a "simple" truck, but I know I'm in the minority.

    Anyone else know anything??? :confuse:
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    I subscribe to several Tacoma forums where everyone wants to know when the next generation of Tacoma will be announced/released. Of course, the same is true with Frontiers and Ridgelines--all three are overdue for a new generation--or cancellation (in the case of the Ridgeline).

    Anyway, there's no concrete evidence of anything new for 2014. Lots of guessing and wishing, but no spy photos or corporate leaks of any kind. Since Toyota recently announced a new "version" of the Tundra for 2014, but NOT a new Tacoma, the concensus is that 2015 is more likely the year for a new Tacoma, and 2014 will be pretty much identical to 2013.
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    I was just at the Toyota dealership and a older salesman that knows the products really well said Toyota is being very hush hush about the 2014 Tacoma bc it is a complete redesign and from what I hear new engines as well. He said we should see it within the next 90 days... I am excited b/c I really wanted them to finally update the interior as it is very dated and needed a major refresh. I hope Toyota starts using materials on the dash like the new Honda Accord and get away from the cheap looking plastics.
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    I find this interesting, although they don't come out and say it, they are hinting that 2014 may be the year for the redesign.

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    I just hope they don't use the front grille design on the new 4Runner - that thing is butt-ugly.

    I think there is some pent-up demand for a truck that's maybe a bit smaller that get's better mileage than the current Taco. Kind of like a throwback to the original Toyota Pickup. 4 banger with a 6 speed tranny. Currently that segment is vacant, but I'll bet if Toyota came out with a good product they would dominate.
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    yea, ok i bought a strippy but at $16,000 the seat is junk.
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    I bought a 2008 doublecab TRD 2wd in 2008 and it was a nice enough truck. I got 19mpg in the winter and 21 in the summer. I could not wait any longer for Toyota to redesign the Tacoma so I bought a F150 with a 5.0 V8. It is really a nice upgrade and so far this winter I am averaging 18mpg and this truck has 360hp and can tow a mountain. I did like the size of the Tacoma but I think and I might be wrong but the 2014 Tacoma is almost the exact same truck as the 2006 Tacoma? Come Toyota if my F150 gets 18mpg a Tacoma should get 28mpg. Stop sucking up the profits and update your truck.

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    Time to move on past toyota Tacoma. They have been dominating the midsize truck segment that they think they should stick with old stuff as much as they can still reap profits. Rear drum brakes? Shame on you, Toyota! I'm getting the new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado to be released in Fall of this year...

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