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This is the made-in-America vehicle that Detroit would never build, because it's minimalist and unconventional. Promoted as fun, safe, high value, will the 49 mpg city/84 highway three wheeler that will sell for $6800 make it in the marketplace? It seats two, one behind the other, weighs 800 pounds, and is due to be introduced next month.

Elio Motors claims to have advance orders for 13,000 units. Would you buy one? I wouldn't be an early adopter, but I'd be tempted if it got good reviews, especially from Consumers Reports.

Check it out.


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    Check it out.

    I link might help. link

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    Might be fun in a motorcycle kind of way. Would be interesting to see how it crashes against a frazzled hausfrau in an Armada (my main worry around here).
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    Yes, given its very light weight and low height safety would be a primary concern.

    It'll be interesting to see whether Elio Motors can survive, or becomes just another auto company that underestimates the difficulty of competing in this mature industry, where scale, deep pockets and distribution matter a lot.
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    "Elio" is an abreviation for that which holds a bag of poop. :(
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    "Elio" is an abreviation for that which holds a bag of poop.

    Or it's Italian for "helium". :shades:


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    It's also a masculine Italian first name.

    As for the car/motorcycle, let's not rush to judgement.
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    It's still on the table.

    "Elio Motors is taking the next big step toward the production of its 84-mpg (2.8 L/100km) tandem three-wheeler. It won't quite make its original Summer 2014 start, but it plans to get Elios rolling off the lines next year at the former General Motors Shreveport Assembly and Stamping Plant in Louisiana."

    $7,000 84-mpg Elio car moves forward with new production plant (gizmag.com)

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    This seems like the car that's never quite introduced. Was the company's practice of taking deposits a scam or an honest method of financing? Will the Elio ever see production?
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